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As I read the articles about International Women's Day today, I am humbled & grateful for the leadership over the centuries of women.  As a young girl, I believed "girls aren't good at math" or "you'd be a really good assistant to someone".  These beliefs stayed with me into my adulthood and stil...
Have you ever noticed how some people you just hit it off right away and others not so much? That's because there are 4 primary personality styles in the world. While there are hundreds of different ways to break down the personality I wanted to keep it simple and stick with these 4.  Each of us...
You have probably heard in the news the past few weeks about the $25 billion Robo-signing settlement between the government and some of the major banks.     There are a number of new options available for distressed homeowners and, most important, BANKS WANT TO WORK WITH THEM.   Contact me today ...
This is one amongst a few down payment assistance programs available for the people in the Las Vegas area. There are various programs that cover employees of participating properties that contribute to down payment assistance. Some programs provides homebuyer education, pre- and post-purchase cou...
I took a fantastic class from a CPA that specializes in real estate yesterday.  I learned some invaluable information to share with my clients about short sales & tax ramifications.  Now, of course as a real estate professional I always instruct my clients to consult with their tax professional &...
What is a Short Sale?A short sale is the process by which homeowners can sell their home and the sales proceeds do not fullypay off the existing loan(s) and the lender(s) accepts a discounted payoff to satisfy the loan.This is accomplished by providing proper documentation to the lender(s) to co...
I've been doing short sales in the Las Vegas area for about the last 6 years in our market.  In the past, getting the complete short sale package together to submit to the bank would be done at the time of the listing.  By the time there was an offer and the complete package was submitted to the ...
There are tons of REO properties in the Las Vegas market and more each day.  Wanted to address some of the things I've experienced. Seller's Pricing Strategy List price is an "invitation" to make an offer Make sure to do buyer CMA on solds only Example if the home is worth $200k seller is putting...
I attended an extremely valuable class today and took extensive notes that I wanted to share.  I will also speak about the local Las Vegas market, as that is the market that I am familiar with.  I know that it has been challenging getting an offer accepted on the REO listings here in Las Vegas.  ...
Good Morning! I am part of a team organizing our August community service project for 700 children at a Las Vegas low income elementary school.  We need to move on this now and I'm asking for your support!    I am bottomlining donations for brand new shoes, socks, and underwear for 700 children. ...

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