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Break out of your comfort zone and open up to a new way of thinking.I speak with a lot of people about their marketing and find that many of them are stuck in their comfort zone, doing what once worked but may not be working now, and they're very uncomfortable with the lack of results.When you co...
Making a good first impression goes beyond how we look and what we say. Here is my favorite promotional tool that will keep you top of mind and possibly in your clients pocket at all times!  
We must listen to feedback; it's there for a reason.  Feedback tells us how we are doing and if there is any room for improvement.  How we respond can make a huge difference in how the public perceives us.  In this video, I talk about turning negative feedback into a positive experience.  Share y...
Do you love your job? Do you look forward to getting out of bed and starting your day? There is nothing worse than feeling trapped or imprisoned by our line of work just because we need the money.When I think back and reflect on the various positions I have held and businesses I started, my joy c...
For today's free marketing tip I'd like to talk about email. According to Mailchimp, of all the email that's sent out across various industries only about 21% of it gets opened, it's getting harder to get past spam filters. One way to avoid spam filters is to understand how they work so I recomme...
What feeds your need to be brave?  Do you wish you could post more on social media but don't want people to judge you?  Do you wish you had a better understanding of how to use the various social media platforms?  You are not alone!  In this video, I talk about a real life experience with a past ...
Today is Marketing Gold Monday!  In this video, I talk about a neat trick that helps you track how much traffic is coming from your Instagram bio link.  You only get one link, make it count!  Share your cool tips and hacks in the comments below! 
Welcome to another Motivational Minute! Today I touch on strengths and weaknesses and how they can both benefit us! Feel free to share and add some spark to another person's life!

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