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In the world of social media marketing content is king.  If you are stuck for inspiration or ideas, here are 3 of the best ways to find content for your audience.  I would love to hear how you come up with content in the comments below!  
 How do you use video in your email response?
If you missed my recent blog post, "The Ultimate Guide To Direct Mail Campaigns," head over to my Facebook business page - Above and Beyond Marketing Strategies and check it out.Most people divide their mail into two piles within the first ten seconds of looking at it, A - keep and B - throw away...
Welcome back! Christopher Pagli here with Above & Beyond Marketing Strategies and today is Marketing Gold Monday! Now I know it can be a challenge to write effective ad copy that sells in under 100 or ideally, 50 characters on your Facebook ads. In this video, I offer a creative idea for improvin...
 Most people set long-term goals, but they don't necessarily know what steps they need to take to achieve them. Set short-term goals as a way to track your progress. You are more likely to succeed because you don't have the pressure of the long term goal weighing you down. Remember, goals are onl...
By now we should all know exactly who our audience is, beyond the basic "anybody and everybody" looking.  We can all help everybody but who in particular will we attract based on our skills, strengths, personality?  What's your niche?  We should all have one and not fear losing potential customer...
Welcome back! Chris Pagli here from Above & Beyond Marketing Strategies and today is Marketing Gold Monday!  Your "about" page should convert. So, how do we do this?Tip #1 Write in the first person, add enthusiasm, and speak to the reader is if you were sitting with them face-To-face. Try to avoi...
 What you do after a networking event is just as important as what you do during the event. Find out with Tip #4 of my 5 part series on Making The Most Of Your Networking Experience. Welcome back to another Motivational Minute. Here is tip #4; follow up with everybody you met at the networking ev...
You may have noticed that Facebook's most recent Snapchat clone "stories" was released through Messenger and now, the mobile news feed. People ask me all the time, "What is Stories? "Why do I need to use them"? Stories are a way for you to put out additional content to your audience without bomba...
Does your business card pack a punch? Find out how to make a lasting impression in this Motivational Minute! 

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