I just started reading this great book, The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy.  Like in life, in the Real Estate Business we have are ups and downs.  We must keep are minds to the ups.  It is OK, to sometimes to look at the downs for contrast, don't stay there too long. You must lift yo...
 10/21/2013 Power of Focus…great book.  Just like a magnifying glass, if you keep moving it around in the sunlight, it won’t do anything, but if you hold it still in the sunlight you can start burning the piece of paper.  What are you focusing on.  Are you focused on the right things in your busi...
Motivational Quote: "The Farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see." Winston Churchill   What are you to do to Move Forward, so you can Achieve More and Enjoy More of Life?   Stephen Covey says" Begin with the end in mind"  Like most good advice, this is to give and...
Why don't you stop and knock on their door?  How many times do you drive by a FSBO, and keep on going.  As you pass you think to yourself.  Why didn't I stop?  FSBO's need our help.  They are advertising their number for us to call.  It's funny, I use to drive right by them all the time.  Now I s...
Be careful of your friends.  If we treat each other with respect and do the right thing to people, we would not have so many problems in our society.  My so callled Group at the last company I was with decided that they did not need me.  I believe in speaking the truth and a lot of people don't l...
The Aristotle's Rhetoric:1. Logos (Logic) 2. Pathos (passion) 3. Ethos (ethics)   Remember the philosphy above.  Logic, does it make sense?  Passion, do you have passion in what you do?  Ethics, our you ethical? I believe that there is an abundance of business for everyone out there.  Let's find ...
Happy Prosperous New Year to everyone!  Right now is the time to think of our businesses, put the plan in place.  Follow it everyday.  If you were to work at any other job or company, you would have a set schedule.  In Real Estate,  it is easier to do everything else, like pick up the cleaners, o...
How many Realtors Pre-Qualify, before they show up to a listing?  It is very important that you Pre-Qualify sellers and buyers or do you like wasting time.  One question, I like to ask is:" When I see much do you want to list your home for?"  This question will give you an answer what...
Once again we approach the holiday season.  Right now it is the best time for Top Agents.  Right now it is the best time for agents, like myself to keep moving on.  There are people out there that want to sell and buy, no matter what season it is.  So, let's get it down.  A lot of agents decide t...
Remember to stay on track.  If you want to succeed, "Observe the masses and Do The Opposite".  The hardest thing to do is to work on a schedule.  See what is working, if it is not do something different.  Keep away from Drama.  Stay positive.  Think Big! Keep your goals in front of you at all tim...

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