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The tale of our Fairy Crosses is one of the most tangible myths or legends in Fannin County, Georgia.   A very rare unique shaped stone formed naturally found at just a few locations in the United States.  They are referred to as crosses due to their shape.  There are two completely different leg...
North Georgia Waterfalls Fall Branch Falls - A fine double waterfall on the Benton MacKaye Trail best seen after a rainfall. Hike the Benton MacKaye Trail for just over 2/10ths of a mile to a side trail that leads about 200' to an observation deck at the base of the falls. From Blue Ridge follow...
Perhaps one of the most popular goals for many companies and households today is to "Go Green."  But what does "green" exactly mean? In the past, being friendly to the environment merely meant recycling and carpooling.  Now, however, with heightened concerns about global warming, the desire to be...
Dream home in the Blue Ridge Mountains or an all night Bear buffet?? This past year has been filled with excitement in my neighborhood.  It seems that black bears have laid claim to the area as well.  While I've lived here for 34 years, I've never experienced any problems until I moved into my cu...
March Sales Indicating the Price is Right! Many real estate optimists may have prematurely proclaimed, "The North Georgia Mountain's market is reviving" at the end of last year.  Sales here remained slow, and many sellers learned to ignore their agents' seemingly false assurance that "things will...
Going green. Living organically. Back to basics. Whatever you choose to call it, the definition is the same: more and more people are trying to incorporate natural, Earth-friendly routines into their daily lives.  And as the ecomomy continues to tank the percentage of Americans planting vegetable...
Upside down in your home?                 Does the current economy have you caught between a rock and a hard place?  If you owe more than the current value of your home, it may be possible to negotiate a lower payoff amount with your lender in order to get your home to a price range where it will...
Angelina's Italian Gourmet Market & Delicatessen   Blue Ridge, GA Arby's   Blue Ridge, GA Blackberry Ridge Eatery, LLC   Blue Ridge, GA Blue Jeans Pizza & Pasta Factory   Blue Ridge, GA Blue Ridge Mountain Bar-B-Q   Blue Ridge, GA Brother's Restaurant   Murphy, NC Burger King   Blue Ridge, GA Che...
You can now order beer and wine in a number of local restaurants here in Blue Ridge.  Pouring licenses have been granted to a number of establishments outside the city limits of Blue Ridge!  Yes I said outside the city limits.  It seems that the county commissioners within the city are still in d...

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