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POSTED: 8:09 am EST January 29, 2008   2007 Home Foreclosures STATE TOTAL FILINGS % CHANGE FROM 2006 Alabama 7,903 81.76 Alaska 1,650 54.64 Arizona 69.970 150.91 Arkansas 14,310 26.44 California 481,392 237.99 Colorado 71,149 29.96 Connecticut 23,470 100.05 District of Columbia 800 607.96 Delawar...
Water view property around Port Angeles and Sequim is a great attraction, especially to Californians and others where the same property is five times the price.  And then there is the privacy and the peace of living on the Olympic Peninsula.  Another day in Paradise. The water views here come in ...
Clallam County Property Taxes are collected and spent, but have you ever wondered what your dollars are spent on?  Here's a nice little pie chart answering that question.
I just completed a full analysis of MLS data for all price reductions in the past three months in Sequim and in Port Angeles.  While I do get the weekly emails from my colleagues broadcasting the "price improvements," which are usually $5,000 or $10,000, I did not realize how large the cumulative...
How much does it rain in Sequim, and how does that compare to Port Angeles?  The two are only 15 miles apart, so is there really a difference?  Yes, but Sequim has done a great job promoting the rain shadow concept,  but it  is real. Here is the actual rainfall in Sequim and in Port Angeles, and ...
Sequim B&B’s and Port Angeles Bed and Breakfasts are perfect places to stay if you are visiting for a weekend or holiday, or if you’re looking at real estate here. For your convenience, I’ve included a list of the Sequim and Port Angeles B&B’s with all their contact information, including their w...
"We’ve picked on and pissed off so many attorneys over the past two years that I’m amazed one actually wants to join the pound. But Chuck Marunde is not just a real estate attorney, he’s also a working real estate broker — not to mention a very talented writer . . ."  Read the original post at: B...
What homes are selling in Sequim, and in what price range do most of the homes sell?  Here is a chart covering the last 7+ years.  The biggest market for homes is $200,000 to $400,000, representing 68% of homes sold.  It's still hard to find a nice home in a good area for $259,000 in Sequim that ...
Sequim, Washington is a popular retirement community. Of course, we have the so-called “rain shadow” and pilots talk about the hole in the sky over Sequim all the time. Our sunny weather is wonderful, although it doesn’t rain in the northwest nearly as much as people think. I’ve rarely been in Se...

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