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Just another day on the Occoquan River for these two Bald Eagles.  Many people don't realize that a Bald Eagle needs to mature to get the distinctive white head and tail.  The juveniles are brown and it will take 5 years for them to mature into a recognizable Bald Eagle. During the winter in Bel...
Desperate times call for desperate measures?   For any Realtor® who handles rental properties part of the process is verifying employment.  Why is that potential tenants think they can make up an employer and it's not going to get noticed?On a recent rental application we called the contact liste...
This quote is from the 2014 Profile of Buyers and Sellers published by the National Association of Realtors®.  In addition to starting their search on-line 83% stated that photos were very important when searching for a home. It begs the question, why do we still see so many photos of open toile...
One of the ballot issues in the recent Virginia election was a proposed amendment to the Virginia Constitution to exempt surviving spouses of military service members killed in action from real estate property taxes on their primary residence.  The amendment passed overwhelming with 87% of the vo...
There are plenty of HGTV, BRAVO and A&E network TV shows that talk about “what you get for the money” in certain areas of the country. If you are a prospective buyer relocating to Northern Virginia or already living here and considering a home purchase the same question applies only on a much mor...
Seems like it was only yesterday that we were having 4th of July picnics and enjoying afternoons at the pool.  Now we are looking for our gloves and hats.  But I still love to walk in the woods even if I have to bundle up to do it.  Hope you are enjoying your Sunday and your week ahead is a good...
The Virginia Housing and Development Authority (VHDA) was established in 1972. The VHDA is a non-profit organization which helps Virginian's purchase affordable housing.  VHDA offers a variety of home loan programs aimed towards first time home buyers and veterans. In addition the offering VA Loa...
And what do I see staring back at me?                                                   I didn't know garden gnomes knew how to climb but apparently this one wanted to get a better look at what was going on.  Hope you had a great week and a rocking weekend and your garden gnomes are keeping their...
It seems Edwin Carr the developer of the Cardinal Forest in West Springfield knew the convenient location would attract service members stationed at Fort Belvoir and the Pentagon.  In fact talk about "hyper-local" advertising.  Looks like he had it figured out in 1965.Guess what?  With  express M...
It wasn't what I planned when I set up a Zillow watch list for my area.   My goal was to watch "make me move" and "for sale by owner" listings to get be able to find other options for my buyers.What it has turned into is a daily view of "for sale listings" which have been scammed by unscrupulous ...

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