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Entrepreneurs purchase properties for a variety of motives. A few may purchase a vacation property, others may invest in a building for rental objectives and some may buy a property for their children to live in while in college. The reasons vary. However, each entrepreneur has to make certain t...
The government estimates that just in Canada there may be more than 50,000 residences being used as grow houses for the organized growing of illegal marijuana plants which could command up to $1.6 million on the market for the up to 1600 plants that may be produced in a single harvest. Professio...
Homeowners facing expensive energy bills are looking for ways to make their homes more comfortable an energy efficient. Numerous small steps can all add up, and not simply make a significant difference in your power bill, however can increase the market price of your home in the long run.   In m...
The usual mistake that triggers many properties to sit on the market is that misconception that if it does not sell for the asking price immediately, you can attract buyers later by lowering the price. As a general rule, a well priced home will get a lot more initial attention from prospective b...
Establishing the correct price to give to a property can be a tedious procedure where emotional attachments need to be kept out of the process. Some tested strategies can offer you a good estimate of what your house will go for on the open market. Realtors, leasing agents and your neighbors are ...
Title insurance is designed to defend the insured against losses that may occur when there are defects in the title record, home loan certificate or survey of the property. Since property investments can have a lot of unanticipated problems with titles, both home owners and lenders rely on title...
One of the most pressing issues facing potential home buyers is if they should focus on properties currently under construction or if a resale house may be a wiser choice. Naturally there are a lot of pluses and minuses for both sides of the argument, and in the end a number of personal preferen...
Property scam artists may target both home buyers and sellers because property proceedings reveal very intimate financial information which are as valuable as gems in today's marketplace. Con artists are well practiced at gaining trust and softening rigid skepticism. Knowing some of the classica...

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