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Loudoun to Winchester VA - Many people are shocked that it is often cheaper to short sale and rent that staying in your home with a loan modification. They find it hard to believe that they can rent a comparable or even nicer home for less than their mortgage. Here are the two factors that make i...
Loudoun to Winchester VA - Here is something that drives inexperienced short sale agents crazy. It is a HUD-1, also called a HUD. HUD is the Federal Agency, the Department of Housing & Urban Development, also called HUD. A HUD-1 is a document regulated by HUD. It is the financial accounting for a...
Loudoun to Winchester VA – Many homeowners bought their home at the peak of the market. In the hardest hit areas, they paid $500,000 for homes that are not selling for $250,000 (or even less.) Their home is costing them $4,000 a month. (That is the total after paying property taxes and insurance...
Loudoun to Winchester VA - If you are a homeowner, then the housing crisis has decimated the equity in your home. Many families have watched years of hard work spent building their equity go down the drain. Discover how other sellers successfully did a short sale to avoid foreclosure by clicking ...
The Value of the Seasoned Realtor Whether personally or professionally, have you ever had one of "those" days.  They are the days that by 3:00, you wish you could pull the covers back over your heads and start the day over (...or not!).  I have been in this business for over 10 years and I can sa...
Loudoun to Winchester VA – Short Sales can be tough. Many buyers don't understand the process and think that since it is a buyer's market, then they set the rules. That's not the case. You, the seller set the rules. After all, you still own the property. But, more importantly, you must set the r...
Loudoun to Winchester VA – Some buyers think that since it is a buyer's market, then they can make any crazy demand of a seller. And they can't understand when the seller isn't excited by their lowball offer. Here is an example of a recent story where this happened. A buyer makes an offer on a s...
Loudoun to Winchester VA – If you have been reading about short sales, then you have probably heard the term "BPO" and wondered what it meant. BPO stands for Broker's Price Opinion. A Broker's Price Opinion is when a licensed real estate agent gives their opinion of the value of a property. That...
Loudoun to Winchester VA – You might have heard of Dave Ramsey. He has a popular radio program where he talks explains the benefits of getting out of debt. Dave is a zealot for the debt free life. "You don't need to see the inside of a restaurant unless you are working there", he will tell peopl...
Tax Consequences for a Short Sale Vs. Foreclosure I have listed many, many short sales and one questions that comes up at almost every listing appointment is, "What are my tax consequences?". I must say that I got very excited whenever I saw a great, easy to ready article explaining information t...

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