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 The social media landscape is always changing. New trends seem to emerge as old ones fade into obsolescence.  That’s why now - more than ever - you need to stay on top of everything.  From capitalizing on emerging platforms to tapping into new trends, in today’s digital marketplace you need to s...
It happens to the best of us.You're working on an important project.You’re in your zone – totally focused at the task at hand.Then your phone buzzes.You glance over – and realize you can quickly address the text, message, Twitter mention, or whatever it is. And suddenly you’ve spent twenty minute...
For many, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But for your business, it’s usually the opposite. The days get shorter, the weather get colder and your business slows down as people bundle up and hunker down for winter.  It’s an inevitable part of the real estate cycle - and it isn’t somethin...
Lately I’ve been thinking about LinkedIn - in particular, its undervalued status in the world of social media. Sure, you might have set up a LinkedIn account years ago. You might have added relevant skills and experience, included your work and education info and copied a headshot to complete thi...
  While Twitter is synonymous with breaking news and celebrity gossip, there’s something else you should be thinking of when it comes to the platform. Business. That’s right – while most of its users login to the platform seeking out news, opinions and creativity, Twitter is the ideal platform fo...
It’s happened to all of us. You’re scrolling through your Facebook feed when an autoplay video catches your attention. You stop - and focus in on the narrative playing on your screen. And suddenly you’re totally engaged in the video.  When it comes to developing engaging content that truly connec...
Successfully managing leads is a key skill all agents need to master. The problem is some agents don't make follow up a priority and as a result are missing out on potential sales.  Perhaps the reason is they're too busy to follow up with everyone. Or maybe they're just not quite sure what to say...
Real Estate Agents often ask me, how do I generate more seller leads through social media? There are a number of fundamental social media techniques real estate professionals can use to increase engagement. But there is one tactic that is constantly overlooked; audience segmentation. When most pe...
 Creating a Facebook business page is only the first step in marketing your business online. Once your page is setup, you need to create posts that engage potential and existing clients.  Why is creating the perfect post so important? With over a billion daily active Facebook users and the majori...
In 2012, it was recorded that 2.7 billion “likes” were recorded on Facebook every day. What does this mean for you business? Potential clients are active on Facebook and waiting to hear what your business can do for them.  A great Facebook page is therefore essential for anyone wanting to build t...

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