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 Any professional who is truly committed to their craft knows that the only way to be successful is to never stop learning. That’s why networking events are so important for real estate professionals. They give you the opportunity to share your expertise and at the same time learn best practice f...
 Lately I’ve been talking a lot about strengthening your online presence and creating stellar content in order to make a great first impression with online audiences. And in all of those posts there has been a common thread:? - social media. The Social Examiner reports that "92% of all marketers ...
 In my last post I talked about driving traffic to your website and how content is still king when it comes to getting people to view your site and remember your brand. But when it comes to content, some people struggle to create engaging, original content that will represent their brand.  The fi...
 As the world continues to go digital, home buyers and sellers are by-passing agents and are heading online in search of real estate advice. That means if they manage to stumble across your website, it needs to blow them away. However, you simply can’t build a website and hope that the right peop...
 If you have a big anniversary date coming up and you want to find a great restaurant to eat at, what’s the first thing most people do? They look at the reviews online. In fact, 70 percent of people check online reviews before making a purchase or hiring a professional. You therefore need to know...
  Smart home tech has really taken off lately. And I have to say, every time someone visits a home with some sort of home tech, they cannot stop talking about it.  Even for me, I’m continuously impressed by new tech that’s coming out. These technologies are amazing at attracting those millennials...
 I came across this article in Realtor Mag earlier this year and it really shocked me. In 2016, millennials are going to make up a third of the entire housing market.  I don’t know about you, but I thought millennials were all still in school, taking selfies, and scrolling through Facebook all da...
 By now we get that great listing photos are pretty much must-haves. I wrote a blog post about it earlier this year, if you want to check it out.  Basically, your listing photos are going to grab the attention of a potential client, and give them a chance to visualize themselves in that home. If ...
Typically, I love the social aspect of being a real estate agent. I have the pleasure of working with so many different people. However, and I’m sure you can relate, you do get the occasional tough cookie.  Some people can be very opinionated and stubborn -- and I completely understand. Buying an...
John was a realtor who did everything right. He got a lead, followed up and then closed the deal. But as soon as he did that, he made one critical mistake - he didn’t capitalize on that client by keeping in touch.  In real estate, referrals and repeat clients are a huge source of business. But th...

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