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 You can never have too many clients right? And if you think you do, that’s certainly not the worst problem to have. But the tricky part is getting to that point. In our business, having a strong client base means that you’re constantly attracting new clients. This often takes a certain approach ...
 Mark and Sue are ready to buy their first home and start a family. But they don’t want to buy any old home in any old neighborhood. They want to buy the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood to raise their kids. That’s where you come in - the neighborhood expert. Many agents choose to establi...
How often do you get annoyed by social media posts? You’ll see all of your friends telling you about what they ate for lunch or how cute their hair looks today. While all that is good and fun, it can wear on people after a while. The true power of social media is in marketing - and you need to ta...
 When I first started in real estate, I had more than my fair share of challenges. But the biggest challenges begun when my business really started rolling. Looking back I can contributed much of my success to one important skill I developed. Time management.  It’s no secret that real estate prof...
When we started CityBlast, it took a lot of hard work. There were a lot of late nights and challenges to overcome, but eventually we figured out a system that worked. But as any business owner will tell you, starting a business is only half the battle. Running a business that is starting to show ...
   As your clients are about to make what will be the biggest purchase in their life, they will put all their trust in you to do the job. But how do you maintain a trusting relationship with your client? Like anything it takes a conscious effort.  Building a trusting and lasting relationship with...
 How many countless times have you spent two hours on the phone talking to a client about a property only to have them say at the end “thanks, I’ll think about it and call you back,” and then never hear from them again? Did you feel like you just wasted two hours of your day? You probably just di...
  How many tools do you have in your home-selling kit? Do you have enough? If you don't you may run the risk of not using an open house to it's full potential. Even with the majority of home buyers starting their search online, most real estate agents will agree that hosting an open house is stil...
 Ok, so you’ve come around to the idea that online marketing is here to stay. You understand that your reach grows exponentially when you create a strong online presence for yourself - and you’re 100% correct. But online marketing is still a fairly new platform, and if you’re not optimizing your ...
 Are You Social Media Savvy?  In a brand new series we're starting here at CityBlast, we will be creating fun and informative quizzes focused on you - the real estate professional.  The aim is to provide a light-hearted, interactive way to sharpen your social media and real estate skills, and to ...

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