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To Stage or Not to Stage? What Research Says about Professional Home Staging. Home staging is known as a way to sell a home faster as it helps prospective buyers see the home in its best light.  However, as people begin to scrutinize every penny spent in the process of a home sale, there might be...
Chris Kiadii, Marietta Carpet Stain Removal - 770.575.5758 Carpet Stains - What is Filtration Soiling? If you have light colored carpet, you may have experienced dark stain lines around baseboards, under doors, and especially near the HVAC return. The particularly pernicious brand of carpet stain...
  Staging an Atlanta Home to Sell - Before & After Pictures.   Chris Kiadii, Marietta Carpet Stain Removal - 770.575.5758 Earlier this year, I received a call from Atlanta Professional Home Stager Michelle Yackel asking me to have a look at one of her projects that was in need of carpet cleaning ...
Atlanta Pet Stain & Odor Removal - 4 Steps You Must Take  After Your Pet's Accident If you don't handle your dog or cat's accident on your carpet immediately, you increase your chances of permanent damage to your floors. Prevent The Dreaded Pet Odor Avalanche Effect A pet stain left on the carpet...
As seasons change, many of us are sorting through clothes and deciding what to donate.   As you do your sorting, it's very likely you will come across clothing that has clearly seen better days. You hate to throw them away, but you know you are doing a disserve by donating clothing in this condit...
No wonder cotton upholstery furniture is a popular option for Atlanta families - it is sturdy, soft and comfortable to the touch.   Keeping your cotton upholstery properly cleaned is not only important for your family's comfort, it may be required in order to maintain your manufacturer's warranty...
We love our pets, but sometimes they make stinky accidents.   As a trained Pet Stain & Odor Removal Specialist, it has been my priviledge to provide services to clients in Atlanta, Marietta, and Cobb County for almost 20 years.  Pet Stain and Odor Removal Reviews Here are just a few of our 5-star...
Don't hire an Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Company Unless They Answer These Questions.   Don't become part of a carpet cleaning horror story. Screen before you hire by asking these 9 questions.         Are you a carpet technician?  Often, the person in the phone is the sales person or dispatcher.  It ...
Marietta & Atlanta Oriental Rug Cleaning Given your substantial investment, it just doesn't make sense to trust your valuable Oriental rugs to just anyone. I've cared for the finest rugs from around the world since 1993, cleaning oriental rugs in Atlanta, Georgia area communities, including Marie...
Quality, professional Atlanta Carpet Cleaning services don't come cheap. Having quality cleanings at least twice a year, however, will pay off in the long run. A properly cleaned and maintained carpet will often last longer than the 10 or so years suggested by the manufacturer.   Be patient.Wait ...

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