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Clear Views of North Georgia Mountain Real Estate
Legal Advice from J. Byron Wyndham and Associates I am often asked about the difference between buying property and living only in the mountains, and owning mountain property but living in a metropolitan area. Aside from the fresh air, bubbling streams, and beautiful mountain views, there are som...
  The Pink PigIf you are driving on the Appalachian Highway just south of Blue Ridge Georgia, you might want to take a sharp left in Cherry Log. There you will find a quaint little old building built around 1950. It was originally built as a country store and grist mill. It was purchased by the H...
I have asked a good friend and business associate Byron Wyndham of  J. Byron Wyndham and Associates Attorneys at Law to work with me in providing my readers with weekly advice on Real Estate Law in the North Georgia Mountains. J. Byron Wyndham is an attorney with over 25 years experience in Georg...
It's a foggy crisp fall morning in the North Georgia Mountains. You walk out on the dew dampened front porch wrapped in your wool blanket. As you bend down to sit in the porch rocker, you notice a faint silhouette of what appears to be a deer. Then, just as you get comfortable and begin sipping o...
With foreclosures on the rise and tougher lending practices, inventory is also on the rise! If listings are getting harder to sell, why take any more? How about about marketing opportunities... and how about networking opportunities?So how do you get them sold? I believe if you pri...
 October 19, 2007 on 1:16 pm | In Mountain Real Estate VIEWS, North Georgia Real Estate ReVIEWS, Mountain Home Seller's ReVIEWS, Mountain Home Buyer's ReVIEWS, Mortgage & Finance ReVIEWS | No Comments No Drinking water? That's what everyone is talking about now. In my opinion, it is a nice change...
October 18, 2007 on 2:23 pm | In Mountain Shin-Diggs ReVIEWS, Mountain To-Dew ReVIEWS, Mountain Shopping ReVIEWS, Mountain Sightseeing ReVIEWS | 1 Comment The Traditional Halloween Safe Zone in downtown Blue Ridge Georgia is coming upon us fast. The Blue Ridge Business Association is holding its ...
In our current market conditions, Realtors more than ever have to be on their game. In my market, the North Georgia Mountains, there was a day not too long ago where a Realtor could pick and choose the customers they wanted to work with. Obviously the Buyer coming into the area looking for a 4 be...
Have you ever had a client ask you this question...What ever happened to a good ol' fashioned handshake?Believe it or not, it wasn't too awful long ago that was the case here in the North Georgia Mountains, folks really did business on a handshake. However in today's world of high tech gone wild,...
10. I've got to know....Does it have a "knock your socks off" mountain view?  Let's face it, folks come to the mountains because of those views! That is usually the first question Buyer's ask when calling or dropping in and asking about a specific property."Some like to have that "top of the worl...


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