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There are a lot of gray areas in life, especially in sales. Our new Treasury Secretary's smugness toward compliance with the tax code administered by the agency which he will now oversee has no shades of gray. It's crystal clear. I'll use myself as an analogy because "fox in the henhouse" isn't q...
Last Sunday evening I stopped by a local "we make it your way" sandwich shop to pick up a marginally-healthy dinner for the family.  For many years, I have been a raving fan of this particular restuarant chain. As usual, the person on the opposite side of the counter asked what I'd like to order ...
The title to this blog is a real question posed yesterday by one of my customers. It's a good question, and an understandable one, given all the negative media about banking, bank failures, TARP bailout money, Texas Ratios, etc. My truthful answer was (is), "It all depends on the purpose of the l...
Crescent Bank & Trust chartered in 1989 as an independent community bank. Soon thereafter we went public, NASDAQ ticker CSNT. In those 19+ years, Crescent has grown from a single HQ office in Jasper, GA to 11 full-service offices arranged in a crescent over Metro Atlanta. We serve the counties of...
If you turn on the radio, log onto the web, or God forbid turn on a cable news network, it's always "Things are even worse than we thought." Everyone wants to know whether we're at the bottom, how soon the economy will turn, and what Obama's going to do for us. I can't answer any of those, but I ...

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