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A trusted colleague told me a story  that beautifully illustrates the opportunities today's real estate market offers.  A mother working two jobs saved up for a down payment and managed to buy a large home with a pool for $187,000.  Four years ago, that same home had sold for $370,000! While sell...
With all of the changes enacted in real estate and related industries, the appraisal process has not been immune.  Because some lenders were found to be pressuring the appraisers they hired, they are now largely work with independent appraisers, and they're finding themselves buried in a backlog ...
While not a very common problem, if you've got it, it can have a terrible impact on your listing: The Messy Neighbor.  If you live next door to a "neglected" property, you might lose up to 20% of your home's market value, particularly with buyers looking for any excuse to reduce their offer. It'...
Real estate professionals are very often faced with a question from buyers that has nothing to do with houses: "What are the best schools in the area to which we’re moving?"  When you relocate, the most important thing you'll be moving is your child, and you want to be certain you are making the ...
Meet Bill Thompson, 82 year old Fayetteville business man and owner of the House of Vacuums on Hope Mills Road. Mr. Thompson opened his business in 1983 and is still there today! When you walk through the door for the first time, you immediately sense he’s never met a stranger. Mr. Thompson has ...
The question on every one's lips is, "When are things going to return to normal in real estate?"  Well, if the "normal" being referred to is the conditions and shady financial dealings that created the artificially inflated markets of five years ago, then we need to be thinking about redefining “...
If you own or plan to purchase a home, then you know that insurance is not just a luxury, it’s a requirement.  While you should not skimp on certain coverage items, there are some steps you can take to reduce your overall premium. If you have a security system installed (and operating!), you migh...
  A "buyers' market" is just what it implies - a market in which buyers have the advantage and exploit it.  It's not a market that rewards foot-dragging, hesitation or indecision. Unfortunately, all the factors that created the buyers' market we have today have been reported so negatively and ram...
Whether buying or selling a home, the Offer To Purchase is the starting point for making the sale go through.  If the sellers do not accept the offer outright, they may make a counter-offer, which the buyers may likewise accept or counter again. In the interest of speed and success, it's best to ...
If you plan to move while your home is still listed for sale, you may face a marketing challenge - the vacant home.  While lived-in homes may be more attractive during showings, there is much you can do to present your vacant property successfully. On the outside, give your home an occupied look ...

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