Just a note for Friday afternoon! Rates are low, but how low?  Low enough for finance and real estate professionals to get on the phone with their clients and check in.  Pick up the phone and do a mortgage rate check up with your clients. If their rate is 4.5 or greater or if they are presently p...
I like to share what happens on in my real world of lending.  We lenders know that in order to submit a loan file, any disputes on the credit report must be removed, in writing, by the borrower.  Once removed, the credit report must be updated and rescored. Depending upon the dispute, this may or...
Hallelujah!  Good news from the government! FHA has reduced its monthly mortgage insurance premium from 1.35 to .85 for 96.5% loan to values and from 1.3 to .8 for 95% and below loan to values.   On a $440,000 home (calculated over the weekend), this brought the payment down $195 on a 96.5% loan....
In this current environment where we are suffering from the abuse of fraudulent lenders, realtors, appraisers, title companies and, yes, buyers, the lenders are leaving no stone unturned. When you apply for a mortgage you sign a form 4506T from the IRS. By signing this form you are allowing the l...

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