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Information, information, information - about what, you ask? Everything! Although a lot of what is written will be about the Schertz/Cibolo area, the scope will be nation wide.



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  Last week I blogged about gimmicks in real estate. I specifically spoke about the whole "guaranteed" home selling tactic. I received some good comments from folks. One person in particular encouraged me to take off the sugar coating and to just call it what it is - lying, deception! This perso...
Conventional Loan30 year fixed 15 year fixed________________________________________________6.125% 1+1 5.625% 2+16.000% 0+1 5.750% 1+16.250% 0+.5 6.000% 0+16.375% 0+0 6.250% 0+0Jumbo 30yr VA ARM FHA/VA30yr________________________________________________6.750% 0+1 6.00% 1+1 6.1250% 0+17.000% 0+0 3...
No one will ever forget the date - 9/11. The date is spoken of, not as a date anymore, but as an event - a tragedy - that will forever lives on the minds of Americans, indeed, the world, from now on. And our country pulled together as they never have before. Since that time the country has contin...
Caveat - This is a hot and debated topic amongst real estate agents. It is not my desire to stir up strife. I desire nothing more than an honest look at things. Thus, we have this blog.Have you ever seen an Internet ad, a billboard, or heard a commercial on the TV or radio that resembles this:We ...
                                                  Pets - what can you say? These furry little fun machines cost money, tear stuff up, leave hair all over the house, pee and poo in odd places, and always seem to need something at the most inconvenient of times. However, despite all of this we will...
It seems as though the city of Schertz is gaining a lot of attention. I wrote last week about how Congressman Henry Cuellar is about to recognize Schertz, Texas as one of the greatest places to live in the US. And for those of you who haven't seen the CNNMoney article on Schertz, it was voted #40...
Current Mortgage Rates  Conventional Loan 30 year fixed 15 year fixed________________________________________________ 6.125% 1+1 5.625% 2+1 6.000% 0+1 5.750% 1+1 6.250% 0+.5 6.000% 0+1 6.375% 0+0 6.250% 0+0 Jumbo 30yr VA ARM FHA/VA 30yr_____________________________________________________ 6.750% ...
Welcome to our blog! We are The Claus Team of Keller Williams Realty. Yes, we have now entered the cyber world of blogging. I, Dustin Curlee, will typically be the one authoring these blogs, although Jeanine Claus may be writing something from time to time. We hope to give you pertinent informati...
Here is the full story:Congressman Henry Cuellar To Recognize Schertz in CongressDuring a visit to the City of Schertz, United States Congressman Henry Cuellar presented City Manager Don Taylor, Mayor Pro Tem David Scagliola, and Schertz Chamber of Commerce President Frances Rushing with a copy o...
Yesterday I mentioned that our MLS feed, sometimes referred to as an IDX (Internet Data Exchange) pull, will give you listings that are currently on the market. I mentioned that the currently part was a teaser. I said that because when I used the word "teaser" I assumed that many of you would hav...

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Information, information, information - about what, you ask? Everything! Although a lot of what is written will be about the Schertz/Cibolo area, the scope will be nation wide.