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What are some "tips" used by other buyer agents in assisting clients with getting financing?  I just had a client tell me that I was not resourceful enough.  She found another agent to get a her a pre-qual letter that was more resourceful.  To give you some background, I referred this buyer to th...
I'm a realtor searching for a new cell phone.  I am trying to choose between the blackberry or i-phone. 
I've had this happen time and time again.  A buyers calls about a property.  They are calling for information.  After I give them the information, then I ask them questions.  Do you intend to pay cash for the home?  The answer is usually no.  Then I ask more questions, to find out that they don't...
I want to share how a fellow activerain member came to my rescue.  I am a pretty resourceful person.  But when I don't know something, I ask for help.  A friend of mine asked me for help with a real estate problem.  She bidded on a property at the courthouse that was later foreclosed on.  This is...
I recently wrote about my experience with a FSBO.  I am glad to report that I got the listing!!!  The seller turned out to be a very nice person.  He is a busy young man with not much time to sell his home.  What perfect timing for me to show up and help him out. 
My real estate career actually started this year.  I appraised properties, worked in the REO department, and taught some real estate classes at a local community college.  But this is my first time in production as a real estate agent.  I started at Keller Williams Realty in May of this year.  Oh...
As I drive through neighborhoods in my area, I have the desire to stop at every FSBO I see.  That is not humanly possible, so what's stopping me from calling on them from time to time.  So I did just that.  When I returned to the office, I called seller and was stunned by the response.  The owner...
We were asked recently by our client how many BPO's could we do.  We told them we could do at least 15.  We were sent 16 altogether.  The properties were located in Wake, Durham, and Franklin Counties.  BPO's are simple.  They help me to better serve my buyers and sellers, because it is good trai...

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