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Detailing the ins and outs of residential investment property ownership. Negotiating your best terms. Working with tenants. Knowing before you buy whether or not a property should be profitable.
Moving from real estate salesperson to businessperson requires you to act like a professional.  Drop the drama and learn your craft.  It is up to you to be the calm in the storm and to lead your team by example.  Copied from Realtepreneur.com 
This post is a shout out to my real estate agent friends.  I know a lot of you are readers of this blog because I can filter it in the stats and through the comments and emails.  It is time you know that now you can learn real estate investing on another website I have. REI Academy is an area of ...
I have been a real estate agent since May of 2002. For the first 2+ years I was with Scott Douglas Realty in Tulsa, OK.  And that was great.  It was a small, boutique style brokerage that trained me well. (Shout out to Randy Lindemuth and many thanks.) Then I returned to Kansas City, Olathe speci...
Looking for a great ranch home for sale in Mission, Kansas that you can fix up to your likes and tastes?  Looking for a great home to flip or to fix up and rent?  This home can be so many things to so many people.   This 2 bedroom home is offered for $90,000.  There is a full bath and a partially...
Are you looking for cash flow in Kansas City?  Here is a two bedroom house offered at $25,000 right of Swope Parkway that will bring $475 - $500 in rent pretty quickly.  That's a pretty darned good return. The home is in good repair.  It's a turn key rental property.  There is a stone basement wh...
Investment property leads to property management like sex leads to babies.  Both of the formers are a lot of fun.  Both of the latters take a lot of work, patience and the will to never give up on the situation until it’s just gone too far. Look, buying and analyzing investment property (or renta...
I deal with regular real estate.  But primarily, I'm known as a real estate agent who works for investment property buyers and sellers in the Kansas City area.  An investment agent, if you will.  And with the uptick in the market in 2013 my phone has been ringing off the hook and my emails full w...
Are you looking for a duplex for sale with a stable rental history?  Look no further.  This attractive rental property is set in the older part of Belton but was built in 1998.  Single family homes surround the property to the front and sides and an alley separates the income  property from some ...
Are you all about the cash on cash return of an income property for sale?  Then do I have a house for you. This home is located at 4224 Monroe Ave, Kansas City, MO 64130.  It's not a home that we are the property managers of.  In fact, it's not a home that I would recommend to most of my buy and ...
I've been a professional real estate agent since May of 2002.  In my time I've seen my local market shift from stable, to good, to stable, to not good, to good, to great, to unbelievable, to unbelievably bad overnight, to rotten, to still rotten, to getting better, to good, to really good again. ...

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