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Carole Jacoby offers information about buying and selling real estate in Fresno, CA. You will find articles on a variety of subjects such as Home Staging, Green Living and so much more.
There is a silver lining in the storm cloud over the housing market in Northern California.  Along with the decrease in home values comes a decrease in property taxes.  Many homes that were purchased after 2004 are being reassessed in Fresno, Tulare and Kings Counties.  Fresno County has reassess...
Who is IndyMac and what does that mean to you? IndyMac Bank was the largest lender to Alt-A borrowers. The mortgage giant has in effect gone out of business. The Bank will still be operating but under Federal supervision and will no longer be issuing mortgage loans. Unfortunately, this means a ti...
Have You Been Waiting For The Bottom of The Market? Your wait may soon be over. Data Quick Information Systems (which monitors real estate activity nationwide) reports sales are up not only in California but throughout the country. The figures that are being published indicate that the bottom of ...
Fresno State Bulldogs won the NCAA baseball Championship on June 25th and I couldn't be prouder, if they were all my own sons! I am sure I am joined by many in that sentiment, as was proven in the turnout the team received when they came home. Over 6500 waited at Biden Field to cheer the team whi...
Relocating? Come home to Fresno Fresno is located in the center of Central California in the lush surroundings of the San Joaquin Valley and is rich with agricultural traditions. Fresno is the midpoint between San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles. Fresno is the educational, commercial and financial ...
Recently, I was interviewed by Fresno's news station KMPH (Fox 26) in regards to a piece they were doing on the slow housing market and first time buyers. I would like to emphasis that investing in real estate during a slow market is a smart move for everyone. Remember the old saying: "buy when e...
Staging a home is a key element in the sale of your house.  However, getting an Oscar-worthy performance out of your house doesn't take a star's budget.  There are simple things you can do to create appeal without going into your savings to get it done. 1. Roll out the red carpet.  Curb appeal is...
Despite what Kermit sang about, it actually IS easy to be green.  At least, it's easy to live green.  Just remember the 3 R's: reduce, recycle, reuse.  While separating trash is very helpful and, in fact, many counties across the country are requiring residents to do so or get fined, there is so ...
Welcome to gorgeous Fresno County!  There is so much greatness here, where do I begin?  Fresno has that beautiful sunny California weather everyone raves about over 300 days a year!  This allows for some magnificent outdoor activities.  However, if you want the white stuff, Fresno County includes...

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