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A Toronto based company, at CM Staging Solutions Inc we specialize in providing a full range services for home staging such as: *walk-through consults *colour consults *full service home staging *condo staging *luxury home staging *furniture rental *accessory rental * electronic rendering *virtual staging We service a wide range of locations in and around the Toronto area: *Toronto Central *East York *Leaside *Pape Village *North York *Lawrence Park *Hoggs Hollow *South Hill *Forest Hill *Yorkville *Bloor West Village *Liberty Village *The Annex *St. Lawrence *City Place *Cabbagetown *High Park *Beaches *Upper Beaches *Riverdale *Leslieville *Roncesvalles *Lytton Park *Moore Park *Bedford Park **and More..
Whether you 're staging your home to get ready to list and you need to de-clutter or you are simply de-cluttering your home, below is some informative information that will help get you on the right track and feel environmentally guilt-free!   I recently purchased a new phone system and I was goi...
To stage or not to stage....THAT is the question! Well if it means your property is going to showcased in the real estate section as "Home Of The Week" in the Globe and Mail newspaper, then absolutely!  Your property cannot get better exposure and better local marketing than that!   Remember had ...
Often when buyers are looking to purchase a re-sale condominium in Toronto, unlike detached homes the first impression they have is the lobby, therefore it makes perfect sense when staging a condominium in the building, you try to incorporate some elements of the style of the building into your u...
 Whether you live in Toronto or any other city it is never a bad idea to consider the season when staging a home for sale.  It is important to remember that you are not just de-cluttering your home so people can visit, your home must emotionally connect with a potential buyer in order for you to ...
  There are a number of reasons why you should never try to sell an empty house, however even if you're home is in supreme condition or even newly built this is one fly in the ointment that will surely add to a rocky sale...   I recall receiving a call from a builder who had been trying to sell a...
Regardless of where you live, when staging a home we always want to appeal to the largest number of buyers, why not consider home staging with an eco-conscious? You may be wondering why you should even consider taking on such a project, afterall don't you already have enough work to do without th...
You're selling your home in Toronto, and want to get the most money for invesment.  If you're still unsure as to whether home staging is going to get you the biggest bang for your buck, let's simply look at the surveys that have been conducted. I've then taken the liberty of creating a breakdown ...
Accessories are an essential part of every home staging plan. They introduce colour, vibrancy, and character into a room and can provide a real wow factor. Prospective buyers will immediately start thinking how impressed their guests will be when they visit. They’ll already be imagining themselv...
If you have sellers who are giving push back and still do not see the value of home staging, check out these home staging statistics, provided by Royal LePage Real Estate Services, conducted by Maritz Research. Would sellers benefit by hiring a professional to prepare their home for sale? "Over 9...
Regardless of where you are located, even in Toronto, if you're getting your home ready for sale don't wait for the next survey to be released, the statistics for D-I-Y home improvements for 2011 are still very relevant.  Below were the top 5 improvements recommended to sellers in the HomeGain Su...

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