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A Toronto based company, at CM Staging Solutions Inc we specialize in providing a full range services for home staging such as: *walk-through consults *colour consults *full service home staging *condo staging *luxury home staging *furniture rental *accessory rental * electronic rendering *virtual staging We service a wide range of locations in and around the Toronto area: *Toronto Central *East York *Leaside *Pape Village *North York *Lawrence Park *Hoggs Hollow *South Hill *Forest Hill *Yorkville *Bloor West Village *Liberty Village *The Annex *St. Lawrence *City Place *Cabbagetown *High Park *Beaches *Upper Beaches *Riverdale *Leslieville *Roncesvalles *Lytton Park *Moore Park *Bedford Park **and More..
  Rule #1.  Do the pictures on the Multiple Listing Search (MLS) reflect the home once it is staged?  If it doesn’t, make sure it does.  This Rule mainly applies to homes that have already been on the market with lack-luster results and possibly negative feedback from showings.  Often, on the adv...
Question:  “Rachel, how do I market my home? I’m trying to decide on if I want to use a realtor or sell it myself. Realtors say they can market the home more effectively.  In your experience, if I do sell myself can’t I simply stage it then sell it? Isn’t marketing just selling? I think I can do ...
1.  Today's buyers' tend to make a decision about a property within 30 seconds from the time they walk in the front door - you only have one chance of leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers.  Look at the home to the right, what is your initial impression if this was what you saw when yo...
1.  Staging is one of the rare processes where a mediocre or hasty job can actually do damage to your investment.  Badly chosen colours, furniture and space design can make your property look smaller, poorly laid out, and/or carelessly maintained.  This may result in losing potential buyers - or ...
The Home Staging Basics De-clutter: Buyers want to the home, not the stuff. Clean: Oven, Fridge, Stove, Power-Wash Siding, Porches, Railings, Windows, Skylights, Drapery and Blinds Eliminate Odors:  Keep windows open 10 minutes a day. Make Your Investment More Spacious Get rid of excess furniture...
When staging a home for sale, choice of furniture can play a critical role in determining a successful sale.  Admittedly, not everyone will have the budget to put all their furniture away in an effort to style and re-design their home and in many cases they may not need to.    Here are few simple...
One of the main reasons to live in downtown Toronto is because regardless of the time of year there is something to do for everyone. Check out some of the fantastic events we have coming up in the next couple of weeks. If you love wine, cheese, or gourmet foods you should check out: Gourmet Food ...
"Is home staging truly necessary, when selling my home?" is a common question I hear people who have never contemplated selling their home in today's market.  I've even been asked, "Is home staging really going to make me more money or am I simply wasting money to make the sale easier on my realt...
I'm not sure about other areas, but in the Toronto area I often come across sellers who find after staging their home for sale, they find themselves falling back in love with their home and experience a twinge of reluctancy to sell.  Don't! Admittedly when I've staged the home and made a dramatic...
Now that we’ve established the best colours to use when staging in the Toronto market, let’s talk about lighting.  It is amazing how many people overlook the importance of good lighting when showcasing a listing.  Some great locations to consider when shopping for the right light fixture are: Ele...

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