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I just posted an article on how to get negative Yelp reviews removed. I then read all of the responses up till now and some of them trashed Yelp. I decided to write up a post to share with the group.1) Yelp wants ACTIVE Yelpers to be organically motivated to leave reviews. This is why you never s...
We built a website and provided reputation marketing services for a high-end luxury real estate brokerage in California. They reached out to us a month ago because a person or persons were leaving negative 1-star reviews on Google and Yelp.Up until May of this year, the brokerage had stellar revi...
With the recent changes on FaceBook concerning less people seeing your business post in their news-feeds, while there is no way to manipulate their feeds on your end, there is a way to instruct your followers how to make sure they see your posts.Personally, I think this is a way to force you to "...
There are a number of websites that ask you to type in your URL, wherein they will scrub your website looking for errors that may effect your SEO including load speed and other processes running within your website. Many of these sites hope and pray they find negative results so they can sell you...
I was reading posts in the Lab Coat Agents Facebook group and came across a discussion about real estate website designers. One company had mentioned their sites were WordPress which is a good thing. So, if I buy their website, and if I was already familiar with WordPress, then I would assume the...
My content creation team and I use Google News Alerts for blogging subjects, breaking news and competitive intellegence. Realtors should do the same.I have a Realtor client in Henderson, NV. We regularly get alerts for "Henderson NV Real Estate" and "Las Vegas Real Estate". Usually it is a mix of...
Most people who know me, know that I believe YouTube needs to be a "best freind" for the online marketing of Realtors. YouTube is owned by Google and Google wants to deliver video search results.I do need to address an issue I am running across with some of my new clients and prospects. They don'...
I am sure many of you have attended national real estate brokerage conventions and sales meetings. Statistics show the majority of attendees in the real estate industry increase their productivity by regularly attending these conferences. Statistics also show attending marketing training and tech...
A real estate agent, representing potential buyers, showed a house and the seller was up in their crawl following them around the house during the presentation. This kind of unnerved the potential buyer. The next day, the agent received this voice-mail that sounded a lot like the seller. Most rud...
I believe blogging needs to be a Realtor's best friend whether here on Active Rain or your own blog on your real estate website.Active blogging can be a game changer, especially if you have a blog built into your website. Most of you know that blog posts should be original content and at least 30...

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