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When a Buyer terminates a contract within the Due Diligence Period, they will get their Earnest Money back but WHEN??? The answer depends upon a few issues... watch the video to learn what those are!
How should you effectively present a real estate offer or counter offer to a client for great customer service? Are there any drawbacks to e-sign? Watch the video for some ideas on how to communicate with your clients to enhance customer service and get referral business! 
The Georgia Brokerage Relationships in Real Estate Transactions Act (BRRETA) - effective in 1994 - requires that a Broker disclose any material relationships in contracts. A Material Relationship shall mean "any actually known personal, familial, or business relationship between the Broker or the...
When you are on a listing appointment and the person with whom you are dealing is selling the property as an"estate" because the owner has passed away, what are the questions you should ask? Also what questions should you ask the Listing agent if you are representing a Buyer purchasing a home fr...
The Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) revised the Community Association Exhibit (GAR Form F123) beginning with the title: "PAYMENT of Community Association Fees & Disclosures Exhibit." This form now outlines who pays what, what the various fees are, WHEN they must be disclosed to a Buyer, and...

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