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Are you familiar with the "Notice" section in the 2017 GAR Contract? Do you know where to send a document (i.e. a termination or anything else) to meet the terms of the contract? What is the Buyer or Seller is a Customer rather than a client... can you send it to the agent? Watch the video & find...
When an agent tells a Buyer that they will get their Earnest Money back if they terminate under the "Due Diligence" or "Buyer's Right to Terminate" period, that reimbursement may NOT be immediate! Watch the video to learn why this may take up to 2 weeks or longer! 
Want to increase your Referral Business & be of valuable service to your past clients? Watch the video! 
2017 Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) Contract Forms - Why a Closing Attorney should NOT hold Earnest Money... without this form!  GAR has a new form for 2017 - F84 - Agreement for Escrow Agent to Serve as Holder of Earnest Money. This form is VITAL to have signed BY the Closing Attorney if ...
The 2017 GAR Contract Forms were made available to agents through FMLS & GAMLS on January 1, 2017! The 2016 GAR Forms expired 12/31/16. Make sure your Board Membership is current so that you may use your NRDS number to access the 2017 Forms or go to the Georgia Association of Realtors website & p...
What happened to the Survey Provision in the Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) contract? Was it ever in the RE Forms Contract? Should a Buyer get a survey of a property? How does the agent protects the Buyer if anything unacceptable shows up in a survey? Watch the Video to find out!
How do you as a real estate agent get paid your commission? What forms are required? What does the MLS have to do with commission? Watch the video to find out! - Dana Sparks, Qualifying Broker, Maximum One Greater Atlanta Realtors
Focus on the Compass… NOT the Clock!   Focus on the Compass… NOT the Clock!   Have you reached your dreams and goals yet? If your answer is “yes,” then what are your NEW aspirations? If your answer is “no,” then are you still pushing forward or have you given up or changed direction? Watching th...
To navigate your journey through this real estate market, you must begin the way you do any journey!  So where do you start? ... Start with your vehicle - make sure you have a reliable car with all the parts in tip-top shape; next you'll need the proper type and amount of fuel to make your trip. ...
THESE are the "good ole days!"  The "perfect storm" is upon us NOW as far as real estate goes.  Now is the time to get your clients to buy property or very shortly you will be having the "I told you so" conversation!  As my coach, Dave Kohler, repeatedly says, "It is better to be ten minutes too ...

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