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The measure of a man or woman should not be how high they reach, but the distance they will reach down to help others from their high seat! --Coach K.C. "Thinkers Wanted!™"   The greatest thing about your LEGACY is that you get to design it! Coach KC™  
...and now at last you can send an individual card and even add a gift!   Coach KC™Great Marketing Opportunity...Send Out Cards! With so many options for marketing yourself, many agents turn to the internet. The internet is a great cost effective way to stay in touch, but to add that extra level ...
Ten Best Buyer Behavior Practices Many things we read in the blogosphere inspire creative writing ideas.  I recently read a blog post about an agent who felt so abused by the actions of a buyer she thought a "Buyer Code of Ethics" should be initiated.  I too, have felt the sting of a buyer not th...
Now that were are on the bust side of the last real estate boom, the housing market is entering into a completely new environment. REO's (Bank Owned Properties) and distressed properties litter the market. Stricter loan underwriting rules apply too. Cash is king and appreciation isn't guaranteed....
Here's some outstanding information to help you help your sellers! Coach KC™Recently I had a very frank phone call with a local Realtor Friend whom does a large volume in our area and we often "bounce" ideas off each other in regards to business, marketing, blogging, etc.  Even though we speak fr...
When you make up in your mind that something may not work, you have relegated it to failure. Just by merely thinking it may not work, the amount of effort that you will put forth is limited. Depending upon how likely you feel it's success will be will subconsciously determine the amount and the q...
In addition to people doing business with people they Know, Like, and Trust. They also seek information and advice from people they know, like, and trust. This is done many times even though the sought after information and advice is foreign to that person. Also, people are alway moved emotionall...
When communicating with others, regardless of your age or their age, the flow can go one way, or a combination of up to 4 ways. "Adult to Adult" "Adult to Child" "Child to Adult" "Child to Child" You can make the decision to limit it to one the first two simply by maintaining the "Adult" role. As...
WOW, it's been a long time since I logged into my ActiveRain account.  I am one of the privileged that was grandfathered in for a rainmaker account.   Did You Get The Memo? So it really wasn't a memo but an announcement by Bob Stewart that ActiveRain will be deleting accounts if you do add a new ...
Your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have to be just an online resume. Yes,it’s important to have information about your current position,experience and education; however, there’s so much more that can helpyou build business relationships through LinkedIn. You can pimp yourprofile with numerous apps an...

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