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Finally a good move from Fannie Mae who will require a 1004 MC Market Conditions analysis form with all appraisals. I have seen some frustrations in the past, when an out-of-state lender hired an out-of-state appraiser (or not actually) to appraise a property in a particular subdivision. You migh...
I tend to have more leads than before. For foreclosures or "good deals". See what I mean? Everybody want to make a good deal. That's the demand from about 80% of my leads. So, I'm getting very comfortable now with all foreclosures in my county. And I can present at least 2-3 offers every week. An...
For each listing I go, I always have a question for the seller: what about owner financing? And it uses to be the very first question that I ask. It's kind of a reflex in my verbage and not sure where I go by asking that. It seems that I always have a scenario in my head on how I could buy this p...
I came across an article regarding giving foreign retires a visa to live here, buy Real Estate and participate to the economy. While it seems very interesting at first, a couple of thoughts just make me understand why it is not working.  Well, I think there are several problems for a foreigner to...
As we know, a majority of buyers check properties online. It's important to have a web presence these days. I've heard that links exchange might be beneficial in regards of search engine optimization. Therefore, I'm looking to exchange a link with some of you that have a website. Let me know here...
Well...Duh! But I wanted to make it a question: do you present all offers?? It's a taboo question. It is because 100% of answers will be: "yes, of course..." Well, think again. I come across to many coincidences of offers that, perhaps, might not have been presented, probably. Yes, lots of 'maybe...
That how you can generate visitors to your website: When you upload your photos about a property, name them with relevant keywords. So, if you have a new listing in the silver lakes community in Orlando, FL, instead of naming your photos photo1.jpg, photo2.jpg, etc...Name them silver_lakes_orland...
Well, let me tell you this right away: I do not understand politics, therefore, it's not a major preoccupation for me. Nobody's perfect... So my title can be somewhat confusing. But since what happened with one of my buyer recently, I couldn't stop to think about the 700 billions dollars bailout ...


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