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Balancing Income And SafetyThe country is on the verge of reopening.  Realtors can once more show property. This isn't the first time I'll be deciding my comfort level with the risk.  Its probably not yours either.  This is about one of those times that had a lot of risk and alarm bells going off...
Post WW II The Split Level BoomFollowing World War II, people started moving about.  They headed for the suburbs, out of the big cities.  All across the country people needed homes.  The Tri-Level house got a breath of fresh air on design and was suddenly very popular. By the 1970's that populari...
Tim Allen Produces Tool Time And America Changes ForeverHave you ever seen the classic Home Improvement tv show? Tim Allen leads a cast focusing on improvements you can make for the family life and mechanics you can employ to improve your house.  And in the tv show, there is a show within a show....
Lafaytte Colorado Home Showings Down 75%Showing data for Lafayette, Colorado, a popular bedroom community to Boulder shows home viewings have plummeted.  Now, some of this is due to the most recent guidance from the state of Colorado regarding what is and is not an essential service.Governor Poli...
NYC In The NewsThere is lots of news about NYC these days - what with all the COVID-19 stories.Some of it breaks my heart. I grew up visiting New York when I was a kid. I have the best memory of a day in the city with my kid brother and our dad.  He took us for Dim Sum, to see the World Trade Cen...
Gorgeous Weather Defines Boulder ColoradoWith over three hundred days of sunshine, Boulder Colorado is a city where you could play golf all year round. Now, it might be a tad chilly with fast fairways in January, but it would also be par for the course to find a beautiful day at the top of the ye...

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