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Commercial Affiliates is a Northern Indiana Business Brokerage firm specializing in Business Property Transactions. Our service area extends south of Lake Michigan from Chicago to the Michigan Border.
  Many consumers wonder what the difference is between Jumbo loans and conforming loans or loan amounts. There also seems to be confusion about what the Jumbo Mortgage Rates should be in relation to conforming loan rates. For 2010, the maximum conforming loan limit for a single family residence i...
  The Dawn of a New Decade brings the Dawn of Consumer Rights When Shopping for a MortgageJanuary First is typically a day when many new laws across the land become effective...and this year is no different.  The Department of Housing & Urban Development made one very important change to the Real...
  We will remember 2009 as the year everyone was CRABBY and CUSTOMER SERVICE sucked. This was the year that  businesses behaved badly. But here's the good news: In 2010, this has left the window of opportunity WIDE OPEN for anyone who wants to steal business from competitors. Here's why: In the s...
In Massachusetts, where I have practiced real estate law since 1968, the fiscal year for local real estate taxes begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Almost all cities and towns collect taxes on a quarterly basis, although there are still a few semi-annual holdouts. In any event, to the best of ...
Please email info@commercialaffilates for current list of foreclosures.
  An interesting discussion by Todd Weaver, the 2010 Vice President for CCIM Region 2 and President of Synergy Commercial Real Estate, Inc. was enthusiastically received as he spoke about the commercial real estate market conditions. Todd used a simple relation between Net Operating Income, Capit...
  The past months and years of difficult economic times have taken their toll on the corporate real estate market.  Many brokers are predicting a tough road ahead for landlords who purchased buildings with financial expectations that won't be met.  Discounts can be found for companies of all size...
  I am often surprised at how little thought some sophisticated real estate investors put into their selection of business partners. Specifically many experienced (and inexperienced) investors work with a hodge-podge of agents and middle-men without ever consciously thinking about what makes the ...
  By:Robert Pliska, CRE, CPA| Managing Director | Sperry Van Ness/Property Investment Advisors | Birmingham, Michigan Why should you demand your commercial or residential real estate advisor be a social media expert? Anyone who has endured multiple market cycles understands that market consolidat...
Owner ready to retire. Building, License and Inventory for under $300,000.  Thinking of Buying or Leasing Commercial Real Estate? We sell commercial real estate in Lake, Porter, Laporte, Newton and Jasper Counties located in Northwest Indiana. Contact us for your next real estate investment.We ha...

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