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South Florida real estate market saw a slowdown in the past months. Five of the biggest condo developers met to discuss about the slowdown of the real estate market in Miami. The topic was about the uncertainty of developing new preconstruction projects today. Could the preconstruction market be ...
We noticed on the latest report from the Downtown Development that a lot of young professional are moving to downtown Miami. This creates a buzz and a new clientele for the new businesses which are opening in this area. In the last 5 years the number of residents increased 32% and 150% since 2000...
Last month, 20 of the best Chinese brokers were in Miami for a city tour. They were mainly interested in gathering information on the luxury condo. These brokers were chosen on the basis of their annual sales which had to be in total above $17 million. Developers organized this trip since they ar...
Overall, the American home inventory has decreased of 4.7%.  Indeed, we haven’t seen such a high housing demand from the last financial crisis of 2010. The problem is that the inventory of homes for sale is limited and the demand is high. First time buyers and buyers looking to upgrade are having...
1. You need to have an established credit score. The reports are handled by the main credit agencies known as TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. They act as a proof as to whether you are a late payer or not. They calculate your credit score which is your access key to the best interest rates or ev...
 It has been announced that the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network will look for the individuals behind limited-liability companies' identity if they actually pay cash for their premium residential real estate. This measure will be effective in both Miami-Dade and Manhatta...
The talk of the town, here in South Florida, is all about the political and economic in Venezuela. Does it really have an impact on Venezuelan investment in the condo market? As a reminder, Venezuela is an oil-rich Latin-American country, said to be unstable as ever these days. It originated the ...
When you thought New York had it all, please consider that Miami at least has the weather and the standard of living that goes along with it. Developers have well understood such asset and work harder everyday towards creating the most beautiful and comfortable pads you could wish for. Who said s...
The infamous condo market of Miami keeps on being a strong magnet for foreign investment, but it’s becoming harder and harder to differentiate investors and residents.Condo buyers purchasing as their own residence today represent 1/3 of the investors, 1/3 use it for a second home and 1/3 as an in...
Over the 3 years, prospective buyers have grown into a more feminine audience: Women buyers have increased by 1 to 1.5% in the main national markets from Boston to San Francisco.The median age is 50, for a median income of $57,300. 39% of them are first-time buyers. 87% are buyers of previously-o...

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