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 Even though the housing market in Miami is still way above the rest of the nation’s performances, the growth is slowing down as compared to the past few years. Miami metro area has seen the prices of single-family homes rise by 8.6% in the Miami metro area lately, whereas it used to be a double-...
 It first attracts for its luxurious and safe lifestyle: Miami gives the option of living one step from the beach and go boating as residents from Trump Tower enjoy. They have amazing views from their apartments and relax in the cabanas on the beach. Everything shouts luxury in Miami: yachts, des...
 The real estate burst and the recession of South Florida are long gone. The area has been going well lately and its situation is promising for 2015 as it is on track to strengthen its employment base along with having a fast growth in construction jobs. On top of that, the business climate is go...
 Miami is catching the eye of more and more businesses. Hedge funds and financial institutions are definitely betting on Miami. Even though it is not a true relocation yet, corporations and financial companies are starting to realize that moving to Miami can be profitable. NYC residents do not li...
 Who would have thought? The Miami Foundation recently released a report about Miami’s performance in different areas: affordability and housing, arts & culture, civic engagement, economy, education, environment & public spaces, health & safety and transportation.The findings highlight the fact t...
 First, some of you must be wondering what an EB-5 visa is.  It is a visa intended for Immigrant Investors in the United States of America. It provides a way for foreigners who invest money in the U.S.A. to live there. The requirements are to invest $1,000,000 or to create 10 jobs or more. In the...
 Miami ranks in Top 10 list of worldwide luxury residential markets, thus drawing particular attention to the city from all around the world. Such frenzy comes from the appealing cosmopolitan lifestyle, the range of activities whether it is real estate, art, music, fashion or sports. As a true tr...
 Gone are the days when buyers were above all investors. Today, they are full time Miami residents or second home buyers and are looking for the condo of their dreams. They do buy a lifestyle. This long-term vision dictates Miami developers’ to offer never-before-seen amenities and larger living ...
Do you lease your property more than three times in a year and for less than a month?  If so, this quick update on short-term vacation rentals should interest you. Since 2011 the Florida legislation has allowed landlords to seasonally rent their condos. Thanks to this law, investors could turn f...
Yesterday evening, I played tennis at the Akoya and it was the occasion for me to admire one more time this condo. If you don’t know its name, I’m sure that you’ve already noticed the massive concrete triangles that adorn its roof deck. Even 10 years after its construction by the Merco Group Inte...

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