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For anyone in Acworth, Kennesaw, Dallas and Hiram, GA in Cobb and Paulding Counties with above average expectations in Real Estate:
Here we go! The start of the Good News Report! We hope you enjoy reading these reports and learning the facts about the real estate market in your neighborhood. The following statistics pertain to neighborhoods in Northwest Acworth (Cobb and Paulding counties).                                    ...
In Real Estate, "No News is Good News" is not helpful at all. However, it seems all we hear is Bad News and that does not help anyone either! So, what do we need? THE GOOD NEWS! One phrase I hear quite often is "Nothing is moving", such as "We've been thinking of selling but nothing is moving". I...
My cousin is serving our great country in Guam and works 12-hour days! Whew! So when he gets a day off, he is anxious to enjoy it! He has found a new passion while looking for something to enjoy during his free time- Snorkeling! And WOW the pictures he has taken! They are beautiful! The colors ar...
Another video I had to share. Hope you enjoy.
Our beautiful state of Georgia is famous for peaches, peanuts and the great city of Atlanta. The 1996 Olympic games really helped put Atlanta on the map and brought us attention from across the world! A vast number of businesses thrive in our great city, and commuters make the daily trek to the c...
Who knew being married to a (former) Math Teacher would haunt me for life! I don't always think before I speak. And I especially do not calculate before I speak. Who does? Why do we need to? That's why our cell phones now have calculators in them, isn't it? We don't all have a calculator for a br...
As I was racking my brain to try and come up with a Contest Entry to replace Fuzzy, I kept getting this mental picture in my head. I wanted to try and re-create it but wouldn't you know- gray skies ALL WEEK! Argh. Finally the sky cleared up this afternoon for long enough to let me take this pict...
Well do they? We have been asking ourselves this very question. My gut instinct is a resounding "NO WAY!" Yea, maybe sometimes Nice Guys have to deal with bad situations. But in the end, they win, right? Sometimes it seems tough trying to be the Nice Guys. Not that we would do it any other way, b...
On October 18th local restaurants and business will set up once again for the Fourth Anuual Taste of Acworth. They will be set up in the Historic District on Main Street from 10 AM until 6 pm and admission is Free! A variety of food samples from local restaurants will be offered from $1-$3 for an...
You have been looking for weeks! You were afraid, on your budget, finding a nice house for your growing family was going to be a Mission Impossible. All of a sudden, you walk in to The House and the music plays. You have found the One. It seems perfect: it has all the light fixtures in place, nic...

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Our goal is to inspire new Real Estate Professionals, re-energize veterans and encourage homebuyers, sellers and investors to dream big!! For anyone in Acworth, Kennesaw, Dallas and Hiram, GA in Cobb and Paulding Counties with above average expectations in Real Estate: Consider it Dunn!