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I wanted to share an excellent post from the Real Estate Tomato: Simple Marketing Tip: Engage The Audience You Create To Avoid The Headache of Lost Opportunity. It’s a fantastic real-life case example of how, even if you are using social media well to connect with clients, there are additional st...
In my coaching, I am dedicated to helping the Realtors® I work with build a business based on referrals and repeat clients. I know how much of a difference it made in my own life when I was selling real estate – I went from having the undependable ebb and flow of a real estate business based on ...
It’s the New Year – everyone is making resolutions and big plans for 2010. This is a great time for you to show your clients that you care as much about them having a great 2010 as they do. A great way to do this is get in touch with them and provide really valuable info they can use – whether i...
Today’s Web 2.0 wrap-up is a great recycled post from The Real Estate Tomato, Exactly How The Long Tail In Real Estate Blogging Will Bring The Ready-To-Act Home Buyer. Jim talks about the importance of using long-tail keywords when blogging, because it actually lets you control the type of buyer...
The old statistic is that the average family moves and changes homes about every 7 years. But I would guess that with the cooler real estate market we’ve had the last few years, that’s gone down quite a bit. If you’ve been in business longer than that, have you noticed less repeat customers comi...
As a real estate marketing coach, I’m always on the lookout for good tips and info on marketing local businesses. On the one hand, Realtors® have online marketing a little easier, because they don’t need to show up in a general Google search for “real estate”, just one for “real estate in MyTown...

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