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Welcome to my inaugural Web 2.0 weekly wrap-up post! Each week I'll touch on different aspects of Web 2.0, and ways to use them to increase your Inner Circle, provide consistency in your Internet marketing, web presence and generate more referrals. Wikipiedia defines Web 2.0 as: Web 2.0 is a tren...
As a busy Realtor®, it’s important to streamline processes and procedures. This improves productivity and efficiency. If you truly want to be successful, you’ll need to work smarter and not harder. In fact, if you are still trying to do it all on your own, you must read this book. The 4 Hour Work...
It’s easy to understand how your email signature blocks can work for you. By being accessible and including your contact information you begin to build a relationship. By including a link to a special offer you position yourself as a valuable partner. There is another tactic I use to connect with...
It’s a good idea to be accessible to your clients.Not only should you be accessible, you should be establishing a relationship with each contact. That brings me to the subject of likeability and trust. Clients are more likely to connect with you and believe in you when you offer them valuable inf...
I think we all understand the importance of connecting with clients. With no real connection there is no relationship. With no relationship, there is no deal. With no deal, there is no income. Now, that may seem harsh but it is a reality. Are you using all the tools you have to consistently conne...
I’m constantly coming across marketing nuggets that really make sense. I jot them down and then figure out a way to directly apply them to my business. Here’s one I want to share with you to help you further develop your client relationships. “Your NETWORK=Your NET WORTH.” - Every time you touch ...
Regardless of the business you are in, there are three main reasons a person will decide to do business with you. Curious? You should be. Here they are. Like, Trust and Knowledge. 1st, people, particularly your clients must genuinely like you. This means you need to be honest, upfront and build s...
  Branding is especially important in real estate. Of course, if you’re associated with one of the well known agencies, you’ll have the benefit of branding used by your corporate office. That’s a great bonus. At the same time, you really need to think about your own personal branding. What sets y...
Often realtors get so caught up in closing the sale and making clients happy, we forget a vital aspect of marketing. Creating a buzz about our service after the sale. It’s more important than you might think. Simply collect testimonials… It’s easier than it seems and once you become comfortable w...
On the topic of relationship building, here's a thought. The art of appreciation comes in many forms. When your client has purchased a new home, they have a lot on their mind. Moving, letting people know they’ve moved, and the list goes on. You can make a lasting impact and show you care with thi...

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