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If seeing is believing, are you “showing off” your satisfied clients? Testimonials are a great tool in generating new business and developing trust. You should be collecting them in some form as regularly as you can. But as we all know, sometimes seeing something makes a much bigger impact than j...
Monitoring your online reputation as a real estate agent is an essential part of marketing. Not only do you need to know what your clients and acquaintances are saying (to your face or not), but you also need to be ready to defend your reputation if an issue ever comes up, as trustworthiness is a...
Adding new listings to your Facebook profile is not only a good way to get listing information out to people in your area, but it’s also a good way to stay in front of them on their news feed, as a reminder that you can help with their real estate needs now or in the future. Today we’ll walk thro...
I came across a creative idea this past week from Nancy Marmolejo at in her post Social Networking Landing Pages: Got One? And though unrelated to real estate marketing per se, I think it’s a great way to increase the connection you’re making with potential clients through ...
A great tool for real estate agents to have in their online marketing toolbox is Scribd. Scribd is an online document hosting site - sounds boring, doesn’t it? But really, it’s an excellent tool to take advantage of to increase inbound links to your own site (which is great for SEO), as well as g...
Wanted to share a video marketing idea that came courtesy of Joel at Future of Real Estate Marketing. He has a great post showcasing a Canadian Realtor® that is taking a different approach to video marketing. Rather than just videotaping a tour of his newest listing, he is using the video camera ...
With Valentines Day around the corner, many people will be expecting chocolate from their significant other. How surprised would they be to get some from you? High-end chocolates can make sweet, memorable client gifts for any occasion - closings, home anniversary, birthday/wedding/new baby, or ju...
I came across a post by Jim Lee at Knoxville Tennessee real estate blog on a new approach he’s taking towards his yard signs. It’s a great selling point, a way to stand out from your competition and develop stronger customer loyalty as they see you working hard to sell their property. I borrowed ...
Are you always on the lookout for a unique gift to send to your clients as a closing gift, or as thanks for a referral? Check out the PSA Essentials stamp at More than your usual address stamp, they let you add personality and distinctiveness to a gift that will be remembered ...
I’m finishing up Tribes by Seth Godin for probably the third time, and wanted to share it with you. It’s a fantastic book about the power of developing and leading a “Tribe”. In essence, that’s what Consistent Clients is all about. Developing your group of followers that trust you, want to hear f...

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