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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
For nearly 30 years my husband and I relied on a China Diesel generator to run the house when the power went out. It was a huge, smelly, noisy beast that sat out in the garage. Starting it required about 6 steps, so I was glad the task never fell to me.Then, about 3 years ago, the engine that ran...
Did you know - some grammatically correct words convey a message that can undermine your self-confidence and your image as a professional.We all have words that we use routinely in speech. Unfortunately, a few of those words make us sound silly, while a few others make us sound weak and insecure....
When you hire a (trusted) car mechanic you can walk away, knowing that he/she will diagnose the problem and fix it. When you hire a writer that doesn’t work.You have to communicate your wishes – and you have to answer your writer’s questions. A really good bio is the result of shared thoughts and...
Last Saturday my friend and neighbor called to tell me he’d gotten a call from Publisher’s Clearing House. He’d won $2 million plus a new Mercedes. He was convinced the call was real because they didn’t ask him for any information – such as a bank account of Social Security number.He knew I’d got...
Back when I was an agent there were several in our market who had a habit of “buying” listings. It was pretty easy in the pre-Internet days. Homeowners and property owners didn’t know the value of their homes or land.Unscrupulous agents would promise a high price to get the listing signed, then w...
Choose your target, then market consistently.  Over the years I’ve met agents who mistakenly felt that direct mail for real estate prospecting was the same as direct response marketing. They thought they “should” get results from just one mailing.Unfortunately, marketing studies show that if the...
For the last few days I’ve been getting emails urging me to buy a book on how to take a stand on social / political issues without losing my customer base.According to this email, “Silence speaks volumes.”Of course I don’t know which side of the various issues this person is on, but I expect that...
For the past several weeks my printer has been acting up. Sometimes it picked up two sheets of paper at a time, printing part of a page on one and part of the page on the other. It was annoying, but since most of what I print is for my own reference, I could live with it.Then last week it started...
Today, as every day, I give thanks for living in America – the country that President Trump last night called “The most magnificent country in the history of the world.”I’m thankful to our Founding Fathers (and the women who supported them). I’m also thankful to all the brave men and women who ha...
The local freebie ad paper came out a few days ago with the usual pages of real estate ads.Some of the agent promo ads with photos caught my eye.The first was a glamour shot of a young woman dressed for perhaps a night out on the town. From the low-cut nature of the top, I wondered what she was s...

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