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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
Today, as every day, I give thanks for living in America – the country that President Trump last night called “The most magnificent country in the history of the world.”I’m thankful to our Founding Fathers (and the women who supported them). I’m also thankful to all the brave men and women who ha...
The local freebie ad paper came out a few days ago with the usual pages of real estate ads.Some of the agent promo ads with photos caught my eye.The first was a glamour shot of a young woman dressed for perhaps a night out on the town. From the low-cut nature of the top, I wondered what she was s...
When you proofread what you’ve written, you’re probably looking for mis-used or misspelled words, extra words, and typos. But don’t stop there…Your purpose in proofreading is to remove all the “stop signs” that make readers think about your words, rather than your meaning.Misplaced modifiers are ...
As you may or may not know, I offer a service that provides a weekly blog post for agents who need to keep the blog on their website "alive" but don't have (or take) the time to consistently write something themselves.Earlier today I wrote this Sunday's post, and I read and re-read it before clic...
Whatever you’ve written and sent out into the world will reflect on YOU, not the imaginary person inside your computer. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to proofread carefully, and to check up on both auto-correct and spell check. Sometimes these tools make corrections or alert you to something that r...
Do you have lead capture forms on your website? If so, how quickly do you respond?Hopefully, you can’t always respond immediately. If you could, it would mean you didn’t have any clients who need your attention. But unless you’re ill or injured, you can respond within a few hours, or at least wit...
When people haven’t met you or witnessed your actions, they WILL judge you by your words.I know I harp about this a lot, and on March 31, I devoted my whole Thursday post to reminding agents to work on their websites.This week I was reminded once again that words on a website do matter.It’s prima...
My thanks to Beth and Richard Witt for sharing some good fun... Whoever decided a Liquor Store is more essential than a Hair Salon is obviously a bald headed Alcoholic. You come from dust and you will return to dust. That's why I don't dust. It could be someone I know. Go to Heaven for the climat...
There’s plenty to worry about right now. Will you get sick? Will someone you love get sick? Will the economy collapse? What if you can’t sell any houses this year? How will you pay your bills? Will we become a police state? Is the Constitution a goner? And on top of that there are the other worri...
This morning I read a lengthy article (not on AR) by someone who is billed as a trainer and marketing expert, among other things. I began reading thinking I could pick up some good tips to share with my newsletter subscribers.Instead, I hoped that no new, inexperienced agents read it.Perhaps this...

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