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There are things a seller must do to prepare their home for sale. The first and foremost is clean the house, get it ready for top dollar. Let's face it, when we live in our home we really don't keep it spotless or keep it staged like a show case home that you would see on TV but the minute you pu...
I have a brand new listing in the Coral Springs FL Country Club. If you own this home, there is no reason to go out and venture to the islands or anywhere tropical for that matter. The backyard is an oasis. Beautiful inviting pool, a whirlpool hot tub with it's own umbrella and a large canopy for...
Sales of New Homes Climb To me, here in South Florida, this is tremendous news! I talk with wanna-be sellers everyday and they are delighted to find out where sale prices are in their neighborhoods. This breathes a new light of hope into our South Florida communities. Now, more and more homeowner...
North Springs of Coral Springs Florida is a very desirable community. And sale prices, like the whole city of Coral Springs, Florida, are on the rise. This should make alot of homeowners in this area happy. If you would like to know the market value of your home, please call me, Terri Poehler, f...
You gotta read this. Richie makes great points on every aspect in real estate world. I know we still have quite a few fence-sitters out there. This will get you motivated to make a move. Home, home on the range or in the city, house, condo or rental is one of mankind's favorite subjects. Food, SH...
  Coral Springs Wyndham Lakes Recent Sales April 2014 Wyndham Lakes of Coral Springs sales have definitely done what the trend told us. They have slowly edged up and are letting home owners sell. What was once underwater has now emerged. What is so attractive about Wyndham Lakes is there are sev...
Country Club of Coral Springs Recent Sales for March 2014 The Country Club area of Coral Springs is one of the nicest communities still kept up today. With a nice Golf Course to go along with it! And the amazing thing is, all the residents in there just do it out of homeownership pride. There is...
The Pompano Beach Florida Seafood Festival is here! It's right on the sunny beach by the Pier. Make it if you can, there will be beach music, plenty of seafood and sun. This is one of South Floridas' most popular events. Once you finish up on your seafood feast, come check out the amazing arts a...
I LOVE this! Maria puts this so eloquently. I am so glad we all have been made aware of the necessary changes that need to be made. Happy Earth Day Everyone! What is going on today? I was clueless until I opened Google's page asking me to share a photo and a Banana Republic ad offering discount o...
Westchester of Coral Springs Recent Sales for March 2014 Westchester of Coral Springs is one of the best subdivisions to raise a family in. It is surrounded by three great schools,  Westchester Elementary, Sawgrass Springs Middle School and the Coral Glades High School.  A lake and walk trail th...

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