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  Do you love classic burgers, classic cars and classic rock n' roll?  There's a new restaurant that features all three coming to the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina in April.  T Bird's Roadhouse at 269 Valley River Avenue in downtown Murphy, North Carolina 28906 will feature casual dining w...
H                       Eager buyers are snapping up large tracts of mountain land at bargain prices in Murphy, North Carolina and Cherokee County.  The downturn in the real estate market has created once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for savvy investors. As I mentioned in my recent market report o...
                           Low prices on homes for sale in 2010 meant fewer land sales in Murphy, North Carolina and Cherokee County.  A total of 156 parcels of land listed on the Mountain Lakes MLS service sold in 2010, with the majority of one to three acre lots selling for under $30,000.  But ...
Despite historically low interest rates, the number of home buyers declined in Cherokee County in 2010.  There were 281 sales recorded, 28 fewer than 2009's 309 closed transactions.  Home prices fell by about the same percentage in 2010.  The average home price was $140,800, which is 10.6% less t...
At this special time of the year, I'd like to tell a special person how much I appreciate having her in my life.  It's Bonnie DuPree, a Rainmaker here on Activerain.  She's someone I see every day - my neighbor, my friend and my co-worker on our Country Homes and Land team.   Bonnie joined us in ...
Fortunes disappear.  Material possessions wear out, break down, get stolen or lost.  But there are some things we can keep forever that give meaning to our lives and happiness to our hearts. These are our memories. When I asked my oldest son what he wanted for Christmas this year, he said he's co...
This year I have been blessed with the return of loved ones to our family and the addition of new ones. My daughter-in-law Elaine spent her first Thanksgiving with us here in the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina.  I wanted her to feel at home and give her a sense of the family her husband grew...
I was 4 years old the first time I remember seeing my father. Mom and I were shopping at the mall and she stopped to talk with a couple. The woman had a toddler in her arms. As they said their goodbyes, the man asked if I’d like to go out for ice cream with him some time. When they turned away, m...
For 25 years, I mourned the loss of my mother.  The holidays were always the hardest. She didn't pass away.  Oh no, she is very much alive.  But it was one of those things that happens in families.  I was young and headstrong.  She was stubborn and convinced she was right.  I felt I had to choose...
I've had to be creative over the years.  I've always been self-employed.  So depending on how business went, some Christmases the gifts have come from big name stores.  Other holidays, I had to squeeze every last nickel to put packages under the tree for everyone.  After three years of acting as ...

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