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I'm in the process of interviewing folks that have something to benefit the mortgage world.  Get back to me if interested and we'll get into more details about it. Andrew Poletto
I know a lot of people blog out there.  Heck, if you're reading this, chances are you're doing some sort of blogging.  If you're in the mortgage business and you're blogging, chances are you're attempting to get business from it, which is great! Join me as I interview my very special guest, the w...
I recently got an email from a person saying their biggest fear is being rejected.  Now, what I'll write about today may shock some of you because it may be a bit contradictory from what I've previously wrote.  BUT, I'll ask you to stick with it till the end before you make a judgment.   I've alw...
Mortgage Mailbag subscriber Doug's biggest fear is finding loans that will close! Doug, when I read this comment, the one thing that stands out in my mind is that you're throwing a blanket over the entire borrowing world and hoping to get someone caught in your net and then hope they qualify for ...
A loan officer who assumes eveyone wants a 30 year fixed mortgage won't last long in the mortgage business.   Is a 30 year fixed the most popular loan out there right now?  I don't know the exact figures, but I would imagine it's up near the top. My point is, why does every LO feel that quoting t...
Have you ever or are you currently sending some sort of mailing to your past clients?  I know some Mortgage folks that send out a quarterly newsletter.  It's all printed up and glossy and has several pages of mortgage stuff on it. I'm going to give you something to think about when it comes to th...
If you were doing business with someone for a financial transaction as important as a mortgage, wouldn't you want the person you're dealing with to have some sort of pride in how he/she presents himself/herself in public?   My belief is if a person doesn't have pride in themselves in public, what...
OK, time for you to get your thinking caps on.  I'll present a question that may seem like a simple answer at first, but there is a LOT deeper meaning in the long run.  Will it help you with your business?  Only you can decided, but it will give you a better understanding of the mindset of differ...
A big Loan Officer concern is "Lack Of Production" At some point in time, this is something most of us have to come to grips with in our careers, where is our next application coming from. There are two methods of thought for this concern:1) keep doing what you're doing, it will eventually work o...

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