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Craig's Classroom Blog is a series of short technology articles for Real Estate Professionals. You will learn how to work with and improve on your online points of presence. Craig teaches about practical technology usage that you will find useful in your daily workflow. Work smarter!
Craig's Week in Tech - Newsletter June 11, 2011 - Volume 1, Issue 2 Newsletter! Last week, I did a random thoughts post. It was a good way to get lots of little thoughts out from the week without having the time to write entire posts. I think I'll continue that! I'm going to turn it into a newsl...
How many times do you see a very short comment and think "I guess they didn't know there was a minimum length to get your 25 points for the comment!" We love meaningful comments! "This is an excellent post! Thank you for sharing this post." may in fact be entirely sincere by some, but it also typ...
Bob Stewart does a weekly random thoughts and I thought I’d try it. There is little free time in my week to blog about all sorts of things that come to mind. So perhaps this is a way to go over some thoughts and you will forgive the unpolished state just to keep the conversation going and perhaps...
  hello folks - you probably saw this on the featured page today!I'm very happy to have made the top 10 - ARs are very creative so there is always great competition, so it is great honor to have made it that far. My collage detailed post is here in case you didn't see it originally the top 5 will...
I have a feeling you have been there... "I know I wrote that article! Now where is it!!! I want to share it with somebody!" You can go back through your archives listing (it's over there on the right-hand sidebar... every post you have on AR sorted by MONTH). But that takes Wayyyy to long! After ...
In yesterday's blog post, I shared my enjoyable meetup with Chris Paredes, new Senior Developer for ActiveRain. I was able to share with Chris quite a few of my wishlist items and we had a great chat about possiblities. ActiveRain #1 focus right now is stability and nearly all of the attention of...
ActiveRain has a new senior developer on the job! His name is Chris Paredes and he's doing a terrific job in some unusual and often stressful circumstances. Chris came on the job as some shifting and shuffling was going with the ActiveRain lead staffing. His responsibilities quickly became magnif...
Niki Parekh has asked us to show what ActiveRain means to us via a collage presentation challenge. Sounds like fun! Little did I know how much time this was going to take me! LOL... that's ok - it was a fun project! All of you that have subscribed to me and come visit my blog with your appreciat...
There is an ENORMOUS amount of information that is put in front of us each day on the web. Google Bookmarks is what I am featuring today to help you find "that article" again when you have more time to read through it. Perhaps it is an article that has great info and you know there will be oppor...
Google Maps is my most often “go-to” mapping site. Including a map image on your web page or blog post is a great visual element to supplement your hyper-local content. Instead of posting a snapshot of the map, why not embed the map as an object. As such, your readers can dynamically pan and zoo...

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