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Craig's Classroom Blog is a series of short technology articles for Real Estate Professionals. You will learn how to work with and improve on your online points of presence. Craig teaches about practical technology usage that you will find useful in your daily workflow. Work smarter!
A little bit of competition with the makers of smart phones is (some of the time) a good thing for consumers. [I had to rethink and backtrack on that thought a minute. Competition is what gets them to sue each other for rounded corners on icons and pinch to zoom gestures. They might as well paten...
[originally posted 2/1/11 - updated edit of content 9/23/12] If you are investigating how to expand your online presence in effective ways, then you should consider video. A recent ActiveRain video contest got a lot of people thinking about this medium and also diving in with their first attempt...
One of the early things that you recognize on this ActiveRain blogging network is that is a very good thing to SUBSCRIBE to others. Subscribing is a way of saying, "you have very interesting and valuable content and I want to make sure to see your upcoming posts too!" Members of ActiveRain can s...
Microsoft has just made available the updated version of Windows Essentials. It is the ‘2012’ edition. This package was formerly, titled ‘Windows Live’ as a set of free tools that you can download and install to your Windows computer. They are now branding the updated version of the tools without...
Craig's Classroom - you know the name from my blog. My classroom also has a premium channel where you get to sit with me (virtually) as I can specifially "show you how" to leverage various tech tips and techniques to help you in your business.   For this channel, I'm happy to announce that admis...
Once you create a new blog post, what is the next thing you should do? Syndicate! Get the news out there to your feeds such as Facebook and Google Plus (and twitter too if you are there!) I find myself often jumping to blog posts to read that I just would not have found any other way. Now welcom...
Isn't it great to have a camera with you all the time - yes I'm talking about the one on your phone. The current generation of phones take decent pictures. You can capture moments to remember as easily as reaching in your pocket (or purse) for your phone and click away! But besides viewing the p...
If you have joined Google+, you'll know what circles are. It is a way to group your friends-family-associates into groups. When you post something, you can share with the world ("public") or you can limit who you share with by applying only to a circle.  Inversely, if it feels like you have subs...
Working with video brings a whole new set of challenges, we can call them "hurdles" because one by one you can master them. There's the lighting, the audio, what settings on the camera and more. When it comes time to take your footage, what order will you put your clips in? What parts do you want...
Hey folks. Did you have a great weekend? It is starting to feel a little like spring here in NY and I'm ready for that! :) I'm busily preparing the outline for my next online course Video for Business Essentials. If you are interested in video for your business and didn't see my questionnaire, pl...

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