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Orphans Blog Posts Need Your Help Today As many of you know, it takes at least 3 comments for a blog to get comment points and is cool when you can be the third comment knowing that the blogger will now get a boost with 12 points. I always try to concentrate most of my weekly comments on these or...
Mary, you have touched on one of my greatest pet peaves with Real estate agents who sell rural land, not knowing how to write an accurate legal system. Our foresters learn this in college, but for our other staff it is the first lesson learned after they join us, we event made up an interactive t...
Kathy is posting some great blogs this week with management tips for a changing market parts 1 and 2 as well as some other great blogs touching on making a difference, and mid year goals review. Stop by and read a few of her blogs.   Managing your business in a changing market sounds like a great...
Thanks Harry, wise advice for all of us as we have all but replaced the old forms of written communication with email.   Great advice from Georgina in #41 also.   HARRY'S TOP FIVE WAYS TO WRITE A BETTER EMAIL TO CLIENTS How many E-mails do we write per day? How many E-mails do you read per day? E...
Thanks for the many laughs Jared, great list and unfortunately I have experienced too many of these too.     great comments here too !!!12.  Hidden lock boxes with no warning.  There have been a few times where my clients and I spend more time looking for these suckers than we do looking at the h...
Michael Caruso shares some excellent tips this week...   1. Be known for your Positive attitude 2. Be passionate about what you're doing 3. Have a good sense of humor 4. Assume the best in people, especially in front of others 5. Be complimentary, but not over the top 6. Listen more than you talk...
Greetings Mona, I agree with you about the misguided adventurers who never seem to consider the other people who have to pray the price for their antics, whether it be rescue workers or mourning family and friends. Great pics of the wet garden, hope you get a week of sunshine this week!   It's be...
A catchy headline is not generally what I am thinking about when writing my blogs, maybe I should put a lot more thought into this.When writing a consumer based post, you know to make the title specific and narrow in geographical location.  But what about a member focused post?  How do you get th...
Wise words as always my friend Richie! I think that one of the devil's greatest victories is getting most people to think that he is merely fiction.   Stop by and visit this and other great posts by Richie, a never ending source of good reading...There are a lot of movies that have been coming ou...
Priceless story Christi, sounds like something that I would do, except that I would have had you break the doorknob off, its easier to repair than the door jam.   Great comments here too!!! You've all read about Breaking and Entering, but have you ever done it?!   I had an appointment to show a b...


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