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Yes Andrew, a vacation can make a big difference in our heath and outlook. I cant remember the last time I took a motiveless vacation, but even a vacation with a business motive like a convention, or exploring a new business venture, can make a difference when we get back to the office. While hav...
Classic advice and a recipe for a better life from a man who knows what he is talking about. Thanks for sharing some of your tips for success John! A Great Recipe For A Better Life ~   1. Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. It is the ultimate anti-depressant.   2. Sit i...
Wise advice from Wayne on what it takes to both buy and sell a home. Motivation and Perseverance are ingredients for success in a many areas of life and business. thanks Wayne! Two Traits Needed to Sell Your Home-Motivation and PerserveranceEarlier this year I wrote a post, "Can A Home Be Sold If...
Winter Meetups are coming soon, I am excited and I hope you are too. We will be hosting a meetup in Wisconsin, if you would like to be on the planning committie, let me know soon. We couldn't let 2013 roll...
I always like Jordons attitude, and it is true that we generally get what we expect from people.  So Jordon is wise to let his tenants know just how happy he is that they are "good tenants". Expressing Thanks Today - My Tenants I sent all of my tenants an email today to 'thank them' for being goo...
Doe Camp 2013 in Chippewa Falls . While the Bucks are Away Does will Play! Not a hunter and looking for something fun to do while the rest of the family is off to Deer Camp? Horizon's Lounge & Banquet Center will be hosting a Doe Camp starting at 5pm on opening day, November 23.           Mini Se...
The Media got Excited Yesterday at the Twitter going public announcement, but did the public say… "Yawn"? Five years ago I went to a Realtors Convention where one of the keynote speakers convinced me that I needed to get involved in social media; he even started reading tweets on his laptop on a ...
Wisconsin Deer Season Opening Weekend Checklist Wisconsin Deer Hunting Season is coming soon, time to start packing your vehicle. Check your list and then check it again, it is never good to interrupt your time in the woods with a long trip into town to get some essential that you forgot. Below w...
  High Jumping Elk in Colorado Playing with Toys in the back yard. This is my second blog post with a Colorado connection this week. I saw this one on the outdoor life blog today shot by a fellow named Greg Chase who apparently has plentiful wildlife in his backyard. Not only did he have a young...
Gratitude 2013 - Day 2, I am a lucky guy & A happy Wife makes for a Happy Life. A friend of mine always repeats the saying that “a happy wife, makes for a happy life”.  I have found that this silly little saying is very true.  And my happy wife makes it her mission to make me happy too. Sally has...


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  • Hubbard
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