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There is no definitive origin of Valentine’s Day. As with many of today’s holidays, Valentine’s Day history has its roots in pagan celebrations. February has been the month of “love” dating back to ancient Athens. It’s possible that it was a Roman fertility festival. Another legend assigns the ho...
The Choice is Yours Make this world a better place. Make this industry a better place. Make your home a better place.  A tall order?  Impossible?  Not at all.  You can do it—starting with you.Many years ago, when I was living in Yreka, California, I saw problems in the town — problems that I felt...
When I first saw Smokey Bear at the Washington National Zoo back in 1960, he was already ten years old and well-known to kids everywhere as the symbol of the U.S. Forest Service’s Fire Prevention campaign.The Forest Service had begun it’s campaign in 1944 but the bear was simply one drawn by an a...
If you're not one of the few to whom just thinking about holiday shopping brings gushes of excitement, enthusiasm and intense desire to rush out to the mall, then this article is for you.The countdown has begun. The big day will soon be here.  Here are some hints on how to enjoy the holidays with...
The fourth quarter, with all its many holidays, seems to arrive earlier each year.  Almost before the "back to school" products are off the shelves, the Christmas products begin to appear.  The trick-or-treaters are still picking out their costumes to come knocking on my door while the leaves beg...
Last week, I was attacked by a new kind of pirate -- the cyberspace pirate.  While checking one of the keywords on google for one of my most popular gift products, wine glace, when I saw a listing below mine that was worded exactly the same.  Clicking on it, I was astonished to see my webpage sta...
Most of us are familiar with "The Donald" and his famous TV show, "The Apprentice".  The show became an instant hit and "you're fired" was the buzzword of the moment.  As the show grew and took on a life of its own, the show concept gradually changed and began to slowly lose its brilliance.  At f...
I'm normally a very modest person but today I have to brag a bit.  As they say, if you don't, who will know?I'm leaving today from the National Gift Basket Show in Orlando where I have been a member of the faculty teaching e-commerce and website optimization for the search engines.  It was quite ...
I have catalogs for imprinted promotional products to assist in marketing your business if anyone would like one.  I also have the new catalogs for Maple Ridge Farms -- which are one of most popular "food type holiday gift companies".   If anyone would like catalogs, just email me at shopcreative...
I think most of us have probably received some (or a lot!) of these: FBI NATIONAL PRESS OFFICE(202) 324-3691 IMMEDIATE RELEASEJULY 17, 2007 FBI WARNS PUBLIC OF E-MAIL SCAMSWashington, D.C. - The FBI today warned the public against three separate Internet scams that continue to flourish through sp...

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