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According to "Mistakes Do Happen: A Look at Errors in Consumer Credit Reports " a recent report by public issues watchdog U.S.Public Interest Research Group (USPRIG.) There is a one in four chance your credit report contains an error serious enough to cause you to be denied credit.  79 percent of...
Have you ever stopped to think what having BAD CREDIT is costing you? How much have you paid in additional interest and fees due to your poor credit rating? One estimate is that a poor credit rating costs the average consumer $3000 per year or $50,000 in a lifetime due to extra charges that are a...
Myth # 1 - When I pay off a past-due account, such as a charge off or a collection account, it will show “paid” and no longer be negative. It is difficult to fully restore your credit without paying your outstanding debts. However, paying off a debt can actually hurt your credit. Negative items o...
Fooled into satisfaction by the fact that they can make a larger down payment on a new home with funds received from the sale of their “old”, some sellers fail to address negatives on their credit reports and thereby suffer such consequences as higher interest rates and additional costs associate...
Good credit is important in America today because so many of the things that we want to buy must be financed or purchased on credit. And once you have had a bad credit rating it is almost impossible to avoid detection. A network of credit reporting agencies keeps track of every person who buys o...
Credit Repair and First Financial Freedom Foundation (4Freedom) What are the advantages of using our Attorneys? While there are many companies who brand themselves as credit repair organizations, most of them lack the legal clout and experience necessary to adequately represent your dispute effor...

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Info and Advice on Insurance and Financial Services