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After 4 years of onsite sales, I have made a change. This 4 years has given me extensive construction knowledge, negotiation skills and marketing experience. I am a full time, dedicated Realtor to the Greenville area.
No I am not talking about home that can become a zoo. I mean have you been to the Greenville Zoo lately? They have great membership packages and with that membership, you get free admission or a discount to over 130 other great zoo's across the country. The family membership is only $49.00 and in...
Totally out of the box, but I only wanted to post this to encourage those who are a little afraid of new things. I read a story about the world's oldest blogger and she was 108. She only started blogging a year ago at the ripe age of 107. She talked about her life basically told her story. It was...
Yet another great article that I have been reading. This went as far as a state employee resignation and officials have disavowed an international advertising campaign that led to calls for an investigation of tourism posters proclaiming "South Carolina is so gay." I don't know how many of you kn...
NASCAR enters the political ring. The BAM team approached Barack Obama and asked the Democratic party if they wanted to sponsor their car. The Obama campaign said that they are not going to take the sponsorship opportunity but they are looking for ways to reach out to voters to let them know of O...
So it's Friday and I thought I would do something fun! So here you go! The other day we were talking about running with Sicisor. You would think with all the warnings that you got as a child not to run with sissors, there would be more one eyed people running around. Why do we park in a Driveway ...
Ok so I don't know if you have RSS Feeds or not, but I love them. You get one line news and if you want more click the link. Great way to keep up in the busy world of Real Estate. Well here is one that I just had to click: SAG (Screen Actors Guild) is in nego...
  So today I had the cops called on me today. Don't worry I am not writing this from behind bars. I am a free woman. And no I didn't get to take a "FREE" ride in a police car today. One of my sellers is out of town for a few days and they asked me to water the plants and check on the house. No pr...
Bertha is back to a category 2 Hurricane today and it is heading for Bermuda. I can't believe how soon we have a Hurricane this year. I hope that isn't a sign of how active a season it will be. While we need the rain in South Carolina, I don't think I want it to come along with a Hurricane. Maybe...
The Upstate Shakespeare Festival is presenting a contemporary incarnation of Moliere's The Miser. And IT"S FREE!! The main character is a stingy French scrooge name Monsieur Harpagon, and will be played by a woman acting as a man. Should be pretty fun to watch. Anyway this French man is trying to...
Greenville is setting forth to go green. No really go green. We are getting green bike lanes in Greenville to improve biker safety. It won't be until the infrastructure is complete though. So we are waiting on wider bike lanes, more visible signage and bike rakes, then you will see the green line...

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