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The listing says, "buyer to verify all information", "buyer to do Title V" (typically done by seller in my market), "buyer to do smoke certificates" (the seller's responsibility according to Massachusetts state law). SELLER/AGENT MAKE NO REPRESENTATION AS TO CONDITION OF PROPERTY was the first li...
When buying a home in Central Massachusetts, you need a team of people working for you. I'll explain who they are and how they get paid. The first people you'll bring onto your team are your Buyer's Agent (Realtor), and your Mortgage Broker. Some people will meet the Mortgage Broker first and the...
Looking for an agent who sells in Lake Mary, FL who SELLS WITH SOUL. Client has had zero luck with getting agents to call her back!  Please email me at crystal@crystalpina.com for the referral.
Should I Stay? (Read part 1 here) If you want to hold on to your home, many banks are willing to work with you. They offer options such as loan modifications or repayment plans. Sometimes if the financial setback is temporary they will roll the missed payments onto the end of the mortgage so that...
This is the question too many people are asking themselves these days. For whatever reason you've gotten behind in your mortgage – you've lost your job and haven't been able to find another; a spouse is out of work; the cost of living has just gotten too high in your area. Maybe you're not behind...
A group of people at the table next to me were talking about snow on people's roofs (who isn't talking about snow and roofs lately!?!). I heard one of them say that if you clean the snow off your roof and then it collapses or springs a leak that the insurance won't cover it because there's no way...
Living in New England we are used to shoveling walkways, driveways, and sidewalks. With the snow we've had this winter we are now shoveling our roofs! I'm lucky that my roof has such a pitch that I don't have to worry about it, but I do have two porch roofs (Why isn't that spelled rooves?) that n...
I came home the other day to this scene in my front yard. I thought it was very creative and wanted to share. Apparently my son has a bit too much time on his hands, lol. With school closed for a snow day 1 day per week for the last month, I think most kids have too much time on their hands.
Worcester definitely has some of the best public schools. Here's some info on where you can find more info: Worcester public school profiles are available in PDF format by clicking on the links in this page. If you'd like more information about a particular school, you can visit the school's indi...
  I want to share this post with my readers because I think it's a great idea. We all have things stuck all over our refrigerators.  This is a reblog so I am disabling comments. Please comment to the original poster.   De Cluttering the outside of your refrigerator…… A GREAT idea!!! There are so ...

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