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I just thought this was vital information that needs to be shared.  In a May 04, 2011 Court of Appeals ruling in the matter of McDaniel v. Barabowski, the court ruled "We shall hold that a rental property owner who does not possess a current license to operate the premises, is not entitled to uti...
Last week, I wrote an offer on Wells Fargo REO for a first-time homebuyer. Friday, the bank countered stating that "Buyer will not ask or a price reduction based upon the home inspection" but left the price and other terms as presented. We quickly accepted. Yesterday, four days after we accepted ...
I just wrote an offer for a client on an "approved" short sale. When I contacted the agent, as I expected, the short sale had been previously approved but was no longer valid. Every day I look at short sale listings advertised as "approved" and wonder how much liability there could be to listing ...
In Maryland, state law provides that the sellers must provide the buyers with either condo or homeowner association documents with a right of review.  With the ever increasing number of short sales and REO's, I am noticing an increasing number of listing agents stipulating in the remarks section ...
I was recently referred to a client that had terminated their relationship with their initial Realtor. The buyers had been pre-qualified for a purchase by the initial Realtors in-house lender for 225K. I asked them to speak with my primary lender and it turns out, after reviewing the buyer's taxe...
Okay, I know I am going to get killed by some on this but hear me out.  For the most part, we all know that buyer's agents are going to wait to do the home inspection until after the lenders have approved the short sale as I would. However, after waiting for 3-6 months or longer for lender approv...
I am a professional, full-time Realtor in a market with about 10,000 members in the Washington, DC area. I guesstimate that nearly half of the membership likely have full-time jobs elsewhere but hold their active license due the overall low fees involved and ease of renewal.  The problem lies in ...
Monster Jam returns to the Hagerstown Speedway after three monstrous shows last year! The drivers are ready, the trucks are ready... are you? Monster Jam is coming back to Hagerstown July 17-19, 2009. The stacked lineup of trucks will compete in suspenseful side-by-side racing. The best freestyl...
While on vacation last week in southern Florida, I caught a story affecting numerous homeowners in the Miami area and elected to do a bit more research and I thought it was important to share.  The issue revolves around drywall imported from China from early 2000 through 2007 after the building b...

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