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What can you do if you have great credit, a good job, liquid assets, and want to take advantage of the low rates but you took a nose dive on the equity in your home?  There are a lot of folks who a few years ago may have only owed significantly less than of the value of the home and now the loan ...
If you are looking to refinance for the purpose of getting a premium low interest rate, and you see an advertisment for a loan program that will go up to 125% of your home's appraised value, chances are, it is NOT going to be the low rate that you had in mind.  *Even greater chance that the loan...
Yesterday my son and I met with a reporter with the Sacramento Bee.  I had written an article on my blog called, Adult Kids - They Come Back. I'm wondering as I'm writing this, if I should not disclose too much info.  I don't want to ruin the guy's story.  So, I'll keep it to my experience.  Anyw...
Not what you want to see while having a chicken sandwich.  Here's my pic for Wordless Wednesday.  Fair Oaks Village is famous for it's wild chickens.  This is my view from my table inside the deli.  I wish it hadn't come out so dark, but then again, it does kind of have a sinister appeal to it. 
Are you thinking about buying your first home?  House shopping can be a lot of fun, huh?  Driving around in your favorite neighborhoods, going to open houses and looking online at the local inventory.  That's when the dream of owning your own home is in full bloom.  It is a dream.  You oooh and a...
When I was a kid, I loved writing.  I especially loved to see my papers posted on the bulletin board in class.  Getting a good grade was important, but that wasn't the only motivation.  There was something about looking up and seeing the writing.  For me it was like a picture.  I would always pr...
Mastering the art of doing nothing.  Well, that's what I'm trying to do. The chicken festival is going on if Fair Oaks today and I've been so looking forward to it.  About a week ago I started having lower back pain and doing everything I could to heal.  Ice, heat, ibuprofen. The reality is I won...
Several years ago I had a bad experience getting a pedicure, I've opted to do my own nail upkeep since.  (And it shows!) I sure have missed being pampered though. Nothing replaces relaxing while getting a nice foot massage and prettying up those feet.  My feet are neglected. It's one of those th...
If you're not house hunting this weekend, come on out and spend the day at the Chicken Festival in Old Fair Oaks, CA. How many chickens do you know that have their own festival?  Ours do!    The Fair Oaks Chicken Festival is going to be a huge party celebrating our history, and the part chickens ...
When it comes to my writing style, I have learned that it's okay to be inspired by other people, as long as I don't lose myself in the process.  Each of us is unique.  So are the people who are looking for the services we have to offer.  If  we are truly ourselves, we have a much better opportun...

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